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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Heeeeeeeeeeeeey my hunbuuuuns <3
I hope you all are fine and maybe alsooooo enjoying the first snowflakes in your country? ;) Here yesterday the first white layer fell down on the grooooound ;) I LOVE IT
Even though it now is getting colder day by day, I wanna keep the beautiful landscape in the white waaaaay *_* 
So now I decided to take part in Izzy´s great idea of writing down some likes, dislikes and goals!!!! ;) So what do you think of mine? Any ideas for improvement? =) I would be so glad to hear from yooooou ;) 

7 things I like:
Warm hugs of family and friends
Hot drinks on a snowy winter day
Going on holidays and trips
Christmas and Summer time
Making someone happy 
Being free and myself
Spending my time with people I love

6 things I don´t like:
Miss Mager
People who aren´t honest/ Liars
Coldness and rainy dusty days

5 things that make me happy:
Seeing my family and friends
Receiving a present/ gift from someone special
Getting a compliment/ nice words
Reading motivational quotes
Feeling good in my body and smiling

4 things I want to do: 
Traveling the world as precisely as possible
Making someone happy
Getting out of hospital
Finding my way in life

3 goals: 
Planning my future in a realistic way
Realizing some plans I already have

2 things I want to achieve: 
Being independent 
Being strong enough to live my life

1 favorite quote:


  1. <3 <3 <3 omg huniiiiii this is so so soooo cute, funny and sweet, I absolutely LOVE it omg <3 and I can relate to so many of these hun ;) love you huni <3 stay strong for me Nutella girlee <3 xxxxxxxx

    1. OOOOOOh hey my Irish hot choc huuunni <3
      So so happy to hear from you and it is so lovely to hear such nice wonderful words from you!!!!! And hun, you know what? One plan I wanna realize in my future is our trip together to Disneyland, you know=? ;) omg this will be so funny and crazy Emmy :)
      Lots of love to you ma gal =) xxx