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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Poem .... :)

Dear Hunnnnnnnys ;)

I really thought long and deeply about this, because I am totally uncertain about what you will think about it.... ;) 

So the thing is, in the last few weeks I wrote a poem by myself, and I don´t really know how it sounds, like good, bad, corny, funny, boring, .... But now I decided, even if you think it isn´t that great, I still wanna publish it on here, as it has a very metaphorical meaning for me ;) All in all it simply meant much to me writing it down and I hope you maybe like it a little wee bit ;) 

On the beach in the fairy land,
there is god out holding your hand!
Never leaving you alone, 
sitting next to you on his throne!

Walking and talking about forever,
he always pretends never is no space!
You still have to believe in all his trust, 
so you can feel relief from all the must!

Searching for shells and stones, 
reaching the stars,
shine bright like those tiny beams above,
no one seems to dim your ray!

Breathe in and slowly out
release all the burden you carry!
Look up to the moon and remember 

a year only lasts till december!

I wish you all a wonderful evening now ;) You all mean the world to me, thanks for being here! ;) xxx <3


  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely little poem! Keep writing lovely xoxox

    1. Thank you so so unbelievably much ;) seeing I received a comment from you makes me go sooooo happy ;) Wishing you so much love ;) xxx

  2. <3 Hunnnnn this is absolutely, brought tears to my eyes reading it <3 you have such a talent hun, I really hope you realise just how amazing you really are <3 all my love to you hun :* xxxxxx

  3. Aaaaaaw my Hot choc girliiiiiiiiiiiie ;) *_* reading this comment nearly also made me cry hun <3 thank you so so much ;) you are wonderful ;) Love u so muuuuuuch ;) <3