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Friday, April 29, 2016

SORRY ;) such a big word, isn´t it?

Goood evening Honeys ;)

Sooooo it´s Friday *_* yaaaay 
Today I thought about writing a little post of why saying sorry is such a hard word... I mean of course just speaking it out, isn´t such a difficult act, but TRULY meaning and feeling it from your inside is another chapter out here....
But what does it really mean to apologize for something or feel regret for something....So for sure it contains many chapters....

S  sadness, shame, sorrow, speaking out, speechless, 
O opening, ongoing, organizing, 
R replying, repentance, risk, repeating, redo
R ruining, recreating, rationalize, release, reasoning,
Y yearn, yeah, yabber

So you guys see, sometimes it is easier to really describe what sorry means, but sometimes it really can be difficult and hard to find the right words for it ;) because for example the words with an "y" do not really make any sense right? ;) :D
Sorry for all this rambling.... :)
Sorry can nearly be used for so many occasions ;) the more complicated ones, like in a relationship or with something very important, but also in our common daily communication... :) 
The actual intention of this post should be me, saying SORRY to all my beloved ones... For all I and my ED did to all of you and how much I ruined.........
I only am getting quite actually aware of how much confusion and damage all of this caused and now it is on to me to say sorry for it....But in my opinion there is no apology expressing enough.... So our every-day word sorry may not fit, right? :) 
But for now, it is all I have and all I can say.......
Sorry for all I did......


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