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Friday, April 22, 2016


How are you my Angels? ;) 

Do you all know the internet page HAPPINESS IS....? ;) Oh I can tell you, if you haven't been there on Facebook or Instagram you really should do it, because it is sooooooooo cuuuute *_* 
They always draw such lovely and adorable simple pics and title them with something quite ordinary or nothing special, but which actually truly means happiness ;) And they are so right: There are so many many things in our daily life which we should appreciate much more, but we do not do it because we take them for granted ;) But as I also learned now: Nothing in life is granted ;) So I also decided to search for myself for things which I should appreciate much more or which mean happiness in a actually quite simple way ;)


ü     Leaving all the negatives behind you, Cuddles with your cat, A wonderful chat with your sister, Appreciating being at home after a long time leave, Spending time with your family, Being at the beach, A cabrio drive, The helping hand of your mom, Listening to the waves and smelling the sea, Being stronger than your biggest enemy, The constant trust and support of your dad, Keeping to your plan and being proud of it, A holiday travel, Staying up late, Being true to yourself, A beautiful smile from someone you love, Having fun with friends, A way of life. Working for your goals, Seeing someone after a long time, Receiving a compliment, A smile from a person you love, Real friends who care, Shopping, Testing something new, NUTELLA- LOADS OF NUTELLA, Looking at old photos and revelling nice memories, An adventure together, True love, Dancing stupidely to a great song, A cat which sits on your lap, Chatting with someone special, Doing what you want, Summer days, Waking up with a warm feeling inside, Being excited, Enjoying your job, Living for the moment, Walking in high heels, Not being banned by an illness, Cake whenever I want it, Getting a hug for no reason, Letting go of the things that weigh you down, Watching the sun go down, No worries, Presents from loved ones, Camping and being free, Something unexpected, Glitter in everyday life, Bird chippingSeeing the results of your efforts, Having a drink, Finally being yourself again, Feeling sand between your toes, Making new contacts, Feeling accepted.....

    Soooooo yeah you are right, there are many of it isn´t it? ;) YES and we definitively should very more often look at them in our life, especially by times we feel quite down ;) 


  1. tons of nutella :D

  2. Hahaa you are so so right ;) is there anything better? ;) <3