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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New morning- New motivation

Hellooooooouuuu my sweethearts <3

After a really cozy and long night with getting (finally) enough sleep, I am toooooop motivated to start this day now!!
While struggling a lot at christmas time (especially on the festivity days :() I am now showing all my strength and power again :) At least I hope so, but I feel so good the last few days and I don´t ever feel any hate coming up at the moment :) which in my mind makes me feel more free and this makes me haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy :)
So what else am I motivated for? Oh yeees university started again after the holidays and I have to study sooooooo much at the moment to make it through all of my 7 tests in only two weeks at the end of january and the beginning of february :( and for this I need to have a clear and clean mind, without Miss Mager pressuring me and makes me think about eating and food :( NO, I momentaneously have to focus on learning and on passing those tests, as well as living a normal and happy life, the way I really want to have it :) because going out on parties, meeting with friends, chattering, smiling and simply having fun is so much worth getting healthy!!!! :) There really is nothing which Miss Mager offers me in comparison to those things in life, which you only are able to do if you are at a normal weight and have enough power! :) That´s the reason why: MOTIVATION UP my dears!!!!!!!!! :D
Studying with my coffee mug:
"After university I am going to be a princess"
My new motto :D hahaa

So even though I today have a day full of learning and studying in front of me, I still stay positive about all my life, because I want to have it back and do my studies and pass them well ;)
Hope you are all  having a good day, I wish it so much for you :) what are you doing? what are your plans :) huuuups curious me again, soooorry..... :D hihiii


  1. Yaaayyyy!! Good job honey!! Keep it up!
    I hope all your exams go super well and have fun studying!!
    Lots of love Livvy xoxo :)

  2. Ooooooh you are so lovely Livvy :-* thaaaaank you so much for all of your sweeeeet and nice support :) makes me so happy ;) and I can really say that I need this luck :) so thaaaanks, I hope you are doing good as well? =)
    xxx Have a nice Sunday :-* (or is it in NZ already late? :)hihii don´t know ;))