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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Random faaaaaaaaaacts about meeeee :)

Hihiiiiii so according to a Sunday evening boringness, I thought a loot about blogging and what to blog about :) Puuuuuh I was a bit uncreative and I would love to hear from you, in what topics you would be interested and get to know more abouuuuut :) It really would make me happy to receive some lovely ideas, so feel free to tell me whatever you are interested in :)
So and for now, because I am always so curious about you all, I thought about telling you a bit more about me :)

Here we go random and mostly funny facts about me:
- I am such a babbling girl -> means I talk to everyone about really everything :D no exceptions :D even someone is not interested, I still talk and talk and talk.... hihii :-*
- I have a little sis
- My animals have very strange names :) Bobbel, Nudley, K├Ąza,... :D weird, isn´t it?
- In pre-ed times I loved swimming so much, but I always have been afraid of swimming in the sea, because I am kind of scared of fishes
- I also have a spider phobia
- I am NEVER in time, always late.... such a bad habit, but I simply can´t make it in time ;) hahaaa there are so many funny stories about this topic.... :D
- I love driving my caaaaaaaaaar *_*
- One of the greatest things for me in life is traveling in foreign countries ;) A dream for me would come true by doing a journey around the whole world ;)
- I have a "black" humor :)
- By reaching 46kg I will get a tattoo :) Not so sure what kind of, but just a little black lettering :) like HOPE or LOVE, a tiny little heart or a lucky clover :) <3
- All of my maths teacher hated me at school (hahaaa no idea why :D)
- I can´t stand those type of guys and boys who are like I call it: "Milchbubies, Vollpfosten, Miezis,..." in english I think they can probably be named as: cowards, softies or wimps :D
- Don´t know why, but I do not count any calories according to having some drinks in the evening on a party :) strangely it does´t matter to me then, because if I am out, I really want to have fun :) and it can sometimes be so easy having some fun with alcohol =) 
- I love making jokes about myself
-My former best friend (who has been for 7 years my best friend=)) is a badass :(



  1. Hey Ange!! I hope you are well!
    Haha I love that facts about you!! More would be awesome they made me smile :) I would also live to know more about typical German life and about the country! And the weather hahah that must sound super weird! Like does it rain/snow a lot or is it really sunny in summer etc. that probably sounds quite strange and stupid haha!! Oh well :)
    Anyway I just love t read your writing as it is soo beautiful and always makes me smile :)
    Lots of love Livvy xoxox :)
    Oh and maybe some of your fav recipes too!

    1. Hey Livvyyyyyyyy :-*thaaaank you so much :) I am sorry for the late reply, but I gooot so much stupid stuff to prepare for my exams which are starting tomorrow :(
      This is soooo cute, and I am happy and soooo glad you liked them ( I already was worried you guys would think they are crazy :D) and you enjoy my blog :) sooooo lovely <3
      Hihiiii of course, such nice ideas you have got =) I love it!!! :) I will as fast as possible write something about it =) especially the weather :) sooo have an eye for it :D
      Hope you are well Honey? =) are you having a relaxing time at the moment or a lot of work to do? =)
      Lots and lots of Love Ange xxx

  2. I love the random facts!!
    Hmmm... I personally love your blog just the way it is!! Its so, so positive and uplifting. Learning about you and Germany is very interesting :)

  3. Hihiiiiiii :-* Thaaaaanks so much Olivia, it always means so much to me seeing you left a comment on one of my posts ;) Hahaaa and yesterday I finally made it to send your mail back ;) I am late, and soooo sorry for this ;) hopefully you got it =)
    Thaaanks this is sooo lovely and getting such nice compliments about my blog really keeps on motivating me!! :)
    Aaaaaaaaah by the way: Do you now have a blogger profile? =) I can see a picture now, looks lovely hunnniiii :)
    xxx Ange

    1. Please dont worrt!! And I read your email and I will reply to it as soon as possibke!! It was so, so sweet and heartwarming ^_^
      Ah yes, I started my own blog actually ;)
      Hope you have a loveky day and only go up!!
      Hugs from CA!!

    2. Awwww *_* thank you so much Sweetie :-* this is so lovely :)
      Ooooh can´t wait for your reply and your blog ;) I am sure it will be as inspiring as you are personally :) xxx Kisses from Bavaria :)

  4. I would like to know about your childhood years! You must be sooooo cute when you were a little girl :)


    1. Hahaaaa, you are such a Sweetie ;) I maaaade one, because I think it is such a great idea :)