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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Short Updaate =)

Hellooo Honeeeeeeys :)
Howwww are ya? ;) I feeeeeeel tired at the moment ;) but not in a bad way :) In some way I am happy about what the day brought to me and I managed to do everything in kind of a satisfacting manner :)
OMG *_* I think first of all,this thought makes me (and probably you too :D) smile :
You know what Miss Mager? I will beat you!!
Hmmmmmmmm... Probably by having 3 slices of my faaaaaaaaaaavourite Toasts with looooads of NUTELLA yesterday and for brekkie this morning a pretzel with NUTELLA *_* heaven
-> Hihiiii I know I am talking crap :) but for me it means so much eating those things with less fear and this is how I feel at the moment, because I recognize every day again and again that I still can´t stay the way I am, because I am still too thin for my height =)

Sure there are still many many things which scare me about recovery and there are many things I have to pull together, but I try to keep up positivity, just like Izzy on her blog with her Positive Recovery Challenge ;)
Aaaaaaaaaand now I as well have to mention someone very very very special person to me who helps me so much through really every stage of recovery now:
My cuuuute hunniii Emmy Snelgrove ;) She´s from Ireland and writes an unbelievably inspiring blog, too and we chat and email a lot :) I also sent her a christmas present and she shares so many tips with me ;) We have so many funny things in common (like loving hot chocolate, Nutella, baking, .....:)) and talking to her and sharing experiences really makes me feel good ;)
I can only recommend you to read her amaaaaaazing blog (it is so much worth it :)) :
Soo this is lovely Emmy, with my little christmas package I sent her *_*
Sooo cute 

So now what else about my weeeeeeeeeek and how I spend my days except eating Nutella :D ?
Yesterday I had my first test at uni and I hope it went quite okay and I will be able to pass the class :) strangely the subject is called "Deutsch als Zweit- und Fremdsprache", which means German as a second or foreign language :) it is my major subject on becoming teacher for primary school ;)

Okay, I don´t often post any pics of me, but this is my
carnival costume from last year and I want to look like this as soon
as possible again :) especially I miss my long hair sooo much :(

So what do you think of it? Should I maybe start cleaning your house? 
Aaaaaaaalso something I previously also wanted to write in an extra post, but now I simply put it down here, too, because now it is the time of carnival now here in Germany :)
Do you guys also celebrate it in where you live? :) Here there are loots of carnival floatings and festive occasions, where everyone masquerades and puts on all kind of costumes :) And everybody already gets drunk in the afternoon and simply having fun :) there are all kind of costumes (2 days ago me and my family visited a shop where they only sell such carnival stuff and it is so funny trying them on ;) I have two costumes this year (hihiii :D): A housemaid with a feather duster (which already has been taken away once on Saturday, when I was on a carnival party in our neighborhood -> hahaaa such a long funny story :D) and a musketeer :) So on Saturday I was on a party like this and I already again noticed it is so much important being normal and taking part in life :) Guys, I promise you, there is so much more to experience in life, than always nonstop thinking about food :) There are so many reasons to smile and you all will be able to discover them! I promise you ;)
Now off to food shopping to a really really big supermarket for buying stuff for my sisters´18th birthday on Saturday :) can´t believe she already gets 18 :) Omg, how time runs...
So no more time for Miss M!
Love you all honeys so much, and you all mean the world to me, I am so thankful for all of your support!!!


  1. <3 <3 <3

    OMG you little cutie Ange hun awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3 <3 <3 thank you so so soooo much hun!!! Oh this post made me cry ! I am so touched hun I just want to reach out and hug you right now (if only it were possible :( ) - this is so, so sweet and beautiful hun, danke danke DANKE <3

    And I absolutely love the "solution" hun ;) heehee it is so true hun, it should be our life philosophy, wouldn't you agree hun? ;) aww and you GO girl, you munch away on your three toasts with nutella hun, GO FOR IT ANGE HUN <3 <3 <3 let's give Miss Mager a good kick up the ass hun, as all she says is just absurd!!!

    Make a little challenge every day hun, take it one step at a time, as we both know that every single little thing gets us closer and closer to our goal of forever shutting out Miss Mager ;) I think of you every day hun as here in hospital I trying out many different foods and despite the fact I can't exercise hun I am eating well and listening to my body and responding to hunger ;) so imagine I'm there with you hun cheering you along, as that's what I AM doing huni, you are such a brave little soldier and you are so, so beautiful and talented and you will defeat Miss M hun some time soon, trust me hun as long as you never give up ;) love you so much hun have a fabulous weekend <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Woooooow *_* Soo many lovely and heart-warming words huuunnii :-* feels so amazing, thaaaaaank you so much <3 <3 Oh I would as well want to send you a deeeep hug :) and I wish this so much :( I hate the thought of you in hospital my deeear :( would love to come over and cheer you up ;) all the words I said about you in this post are 100% true and believe me, you are such an inspiration for so many of us in recovery :)
      Hahaaa yeees hun ;) I think this one would be greeeeeat as our motto :) let´s do it :) TOGETHER and never alone again :) we replace Miss Mager against each other :) I think in this manner we then will be able to beat her :) Hahaaa your words sound so funny, love it the way you cheer me up ;) I promise I will keep on munching on those toasts Emmy :-* hihiii
      Every little step, no matter how small counts!!!! So true :) Ooooooh this imagination you describe really touched me ;) that I cheer you up, wow this makes me feel so special Sweetie :) and I promise one day I will be there in personal just to keep you going hun ;) this thought really pushes me, that you also have hope in me and I can´t give up :) this is so nice and your words I can also recommend to you ;) you keep me going girl, so thank you so much for being here for me ;) I love u so much and I own so much hope in you, that you soon will make it out of hospital and fully out of Miss Magers trap :)
      Have hope hun,
      Love uuuuu and sending huuuugs xxx

  2. Well said Emily ... and yes Angee is a treasure... :). It would be great to see you traveling again Angee and maybe have a little stop over in Ireland?
    Hope all your dreams come true.....

    1. Ohhh Tina :-* thaaaanks so much for all the lovely words :) feels so good :) Hahaaa yeees I would soooooo looove to travel again as soon as possible :) especially Ireland will be one of my very first goooooals and destinations for suuuure :)
      Lots of love xxx