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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A cuuuute package from a special person-- :)

OH GOD I FINALLY GOT IT ;) I can´t really believe it...

Haha wondering what I am talking about?
In the last days I was sooooo eagerly waiting for the post man to bring me a little package ;) 
For a package from Izzy from "A Life without Anorexia"!!
We did kind of some snack exchange hihiiiii *_* 
She already got my package with many many typical German sweeeeeets and other foodies and goodies :) 

And it already was her second try to send me one, because unfortunately the first one got lost on its way by the post :( such an annoying thing, but Izzy generously packed another one for me and I am so so much happy about this :)

So now imagine myself tearing the green little package from the post man and immediately pulling it open :) *_* just a bit crazy ;) 

Awww and I was so happy taking a look at all the sweeeeeeets ;) she sent so much chocolate, which absolutely is my all time favorite and so many (for me unknown) Swedish treats :) 
And I am sorry, but I had to smile and giggle so much about the swedish names of the pieces ;) this language at parts sounds so funny, but I really enjoy it :) So the names of the different bars are for example Japp, Plopp, Kex, Swebar, Mjölk choklad (which sounds absolutely similar to the German meaning of Milchschokolade), Geisha, Marabou....
OMG isn´t this package cuuuute? ;) Thank you so so much again Izzy, this is just too sweet :) I love doing such exchanges, because you get to know so much from other people and their cultures ;) this is one of the reasons why I also love to go shopping in different countries ;) they offer so many new for me unusual things and I am so curious on discovering them ;) so anyone else interested? =) 
Wish you all a lovely Sunday now and I hope you find time to enjoy yourself and relax :)


  1. Awww that's so nice of her to send you all of this! I just found your blog through a comment on her blog! I'm going to spend some time reading your posts now! I love the blog name by the way it's so cute haha! Have a lovely day/evening xx

  2. Ohhhh *_* wow your comment absolutely makes me so happy Izzy ;) Hahaaaaaa it is great to hear from you ;) and thaaaaanks so so much for your lovely wooooords ;) they are so nice and I am so glad you like my blog ;) this always means so much for me :) It is funny you have the same name as Izzy and as I read your comment I at first was a little bit confused Izzy writing about herself as "she" :) hahaa ;)
    Oh and I already checked out your blog now, it is absolutely stunning what you already reached, I will absolutely keep on reading it ;)
    So may I ask you where you are from actually? ;)
    xxx Lots of looooove

    1. Thankyou!! And I'm from the UK, England :) xx

    2. Oh my gooood ;) I love England so so much ;) may I also ask you where you live there? =) xxx just if you think I am not too curious :) :D xxx Lots of looove

  3. I am so glad you liked the package!!! :):) It was fun to do and for me to try all the german candy! :) It was alot of sweet stuff, haha, all the salty things and other types of treats were too heavy to send, though i did have the typical 'cheese doodles' in the first package :( Ohh well, i am glad you recieved this package!!! :) Enjoy it all and let me know what your favourite was!

    1. Omg yeeeeees *_* I absolutely love it!!! ;) I am so happy you also liked the German sweets ;) Ohh I love the chocolateeeeeeey things more than anything else and I had to smile so much when I found the little package with the nougat spread, which so muuuuch reminds me of my beloved Nutella *_* Hahaaaa what are cheese doodles? :D I have never heard of this before:) is this something typical from Sweden? ;) Omg I think I can never decide which one of all the goodies is my fav? but I definitively love the big Maraaaaaaabou :) Hope you have a lovely week and thanks so much for commenting oooooon my blog ;) this means so much to me :) xxx <3

  4. There's nothing nicer than getting a package like this in the post
    Hope you enjoyed all the sweet treats

    Love from Ireland x

  5. Aaaaaaaw *_* thank you, this is so lovely and sweet of you :)
    How are you doiing Ruby? =) I hope you are fine :)
    Thanks so much for your nice words, lots of Love from Germaaaaany ;) xxx