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Friday, May 22, 2015

Continuing with My Story? =)

Heeeeey my cutiepiiiiies ;)

Here in Germany today it is a very very grey and actually cold daaaaaaay :( OH it is May, where is the summer? ;) I am definitively in need for more sun and warmth noooooow :) 

So while studying for uni and preparing a little present for my mums saint´s day (yeees we actually still celebrate this day in Germany:) do you guys know it? Or is it practiced in your country as well?:))  I actually realized that the recognizing/revelation of my ED is now exactly one year ago :( Because around this time in May my parents went with me for the first time to an eating disorder advice center :( they were so worried about me but I didn´t even was able to realize how worse the situation actually already has gotten ;) I was like blind and it felt like awaking out of a bad dream being diagnosed as a severe anorexic girl =( 

And so so many things happened in this one year :( so many sad things which Miss Mager destroyed and I became such a different person :) episodes of proudness, hate, love, crying, feeling lonely, feeling unsure about the future, being sad, hurt others, lost, new friendships, new life, new people, new goals, experiences, dreams, hopes, disgust, energy, lacks of power, cheating, healing, aaaaaand all kind of different emotions :) :( wow this year honestly wasn´t easy and either recovery anyhow and anyway will be easy, but it will definitively be worth it :)

So tell me my honeeeeeys, are you interested in getting to know more about me and how my illness developed and continued or is this more a topic which maybe triggers or bores youuuu? =) OH I would so love to hear from you :) 
Lots of huuuuuugs and I wish you a nice weeeeeekend :) 


  1. yes hun i think it might be an important reflection for you yourself to make hun, as it might help you to realise just how important it is to fight even harder for recovery, and recognise just how far you have come <3 for me, my past was always a very painful secret which I hid away from the whole world for so many years. But then when I started to blog and share my experience, it was like a massive weight off my shoulders..

    Hope you are doing well huni :* sytay strong for me, and never forget just how amazing you really are <3 and we will get our book written hun, we will make our dream a reality! Love you hun :* xxxx

  2. Oh yeeees hunniiii <3 *_* I think you are so right by saying this ;) thank you so so much <3 Oh it always makes me so sad to remember how much this fucking illness harmed ourselves and makes us feel bad :( Awww and yes I also think sharing your story maybe brings up old bad thoughts, but also so much falls from your shoulders when you recognize how far you come in comparison to those days :)
    Awwww *_* your words are just too cute my dear :) thaaaaanks so so much for cheering me up :) Hahaaaaa oh yeees our little book we will definitively make it happen ;) I promise!!! ;)
    xxx Looove u