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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Places I wanna see in my lifetime :)

Heeeeelllooooou my cutiiiiiiiiiies :)
Recently I chattered with my blogging hot- choc-giiiiiiirl Emmy ( all the different places we still wanna get to see in our lives :) and we only will be able to see them and to travel around if we are at a healthy weight :) soooo this is our job: we have to fight for this so hard and give recovery day by day another try!!!! :)
Sooo as you already know about me I think, I have been to quite a few places which I absolutely adored and still want to go back again :)
Such places are for example: Ireland (already have been there about 13 times but I never get enough of this beautifuuuuuuuuul green isle *_*), Great Britain (it has such an adorable, sweet and very very special character and charm: it is always so worth a trip=)), Sweden and Norway, Portugal, Italy (the Mediterranean lifestyle is so special and amazing, such heartful people and the warm and sunny clime are a puuuuuuurrfect mixture in my opinion=)), Greece (only was there once on my after school tour, so I did not see so much of the country itself, more of the bars and pubs;)) aaaaaand of course the USA!! Our trip in California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada was one for a lifetime and I would love to do it again so much and also discover many of the other parts of the US as well :)

And so here we come now to the PLACES I WANNA SEE IN MY LIFETIME!!!!

As I just said so many parts of the United States -> I would be so curious about Florida or the East Coast as well ;) but also the Midlands must be so breathtaking ;)

Then there would be New Zealand for sure -> this country must be so special and lovely :) it looks like there would be so many natural spectacles and phenomenons *_* just like wow -> here I would also add Australia *_* stunning

Also I am such a massive massive fan of all kinds of islands :) so a dream of myself would be to go to a Caribbean Island *_* spending some time in a resort there must be absolutely amazing, because I love the sun, the beach and the ocean so much :) Oh and Hawai must be craaaaazy *_*

Also I still have some places in Europe which I still would be so interested about : Spain (as I now learn Spanish in University, I would also love to see the sunny country there as well), the Greek Isles, .......

Also I think it would be an experience for lifetime to see China or something into the Asian direction, it must be like visiting another world I think *_*

South Africa and Cape Town also have to be so incredible stunning places ;)

Ohooo and nearly I forgot it: There are some cities which I definitively want to do a trip to ;) OMG it would be amazing to see London (again), Dublin (different places than only the airport hahaa ;)), Paris, Rome, Venedig, Athen(again), Lisbon (again), Barcelona, Madrid, Istanbul, San Francisco (again), LA(again), Las Vegas (again), Miami, New York, Rio, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Sydney, Cape Town,.....

Hahaaa so my lovelies as you all see, I still have so many places I want to see before I die and for this I have to be healthy!!!!!

Wish you a lovely Sundaaaay now ;) xxx


  1. Awww huni :* so so fun to read hun and I got little buzzes of excitement reading it and imagining all these wonderful, exciting places :D oh yesss hun and you certainly must come to Dublin to see me of course haha ;) it's avery nice city hun and there is plenty to do there <3 I will do the challenege tomorrow hun <3 Sweet dreams love you xXxXx

    1. Hahaaa :) Emmy you are just too cuuuuuute :-* I am so glad you liiiiiike it ;)
      Oh yeeees you are definitively right, Dublin will be next to cooooome :) can´t really wait for it huuun <3
      Soooo many many things to seeee =) Oh I am now immediately going to check out your blog for it :)
      Love u so much xxx

  2. Ange!,! Oooohhh yes all of these places sound amazing!! It made me realize all the places I want to visit as well!!mand yes you should definitely come visit new Zealand !! You would love it!! I do anyway!! You could come and visit me although where I live the city is still waiting to be rebuilt after the earthquake so maybe not haha!!
    Hope you are we'll!
    Lots of love
    Livvy xoxox :)

  3. Heeeeeey Livvy Sweetie :-* Oh I am so glad you like my little list ;) it really took me a while to figure out all of those beautiful places as there is so much on earth to see *_* OMG :-* this is such a gorgeeeeeeous offer <3 I would soooo love to come over and visit you and this special island :) as it must look so wonder wonderful ;) Ohh you had an earthquake? oh my god and is everything okay with you and the people where you live? ;) Hahaa I would so love to visit you, you seem to be soooooooo nice and lovely ;)
    Wish you a great day ;)