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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Aaaaadvice recommended and neeeeeeded :)

A Nutellaaaaarellaley good morning my cuuuuuties :-*

Sorry for my small lack of posting in the last few days :( I also think I am so bad at replying to my messages and mails at the moment, but I rarely had the time, because of organizing a few things for my studies and soo on :) 

I would now really really recommend your help so so much my dears ;) so I would be so pleased if you would write a comment about it or send me an email about your opinion ;) 

As I lately was in hospital because of my thrombosis in my eye, my attitude of getting some help in an inpatient center changed a little bit ;) and I don´t know now if becoming inpatient at a clinic would help me on my way of becoming fully recovered, healthy and happy =)???

There are just so so so so many ?????????????????????????????????

On the one hand I never wanted this in my whole life and I definitively (all of my friends and family can assure you this :D hahaa) am not the type of person who can easily deal with all sorts of changes or rules people want to put me into :) but on the other hand all people tell me that it will only be for MY best and I would do it for me and no one else :) I don´t want to be imprisoned in my body :) I mean I wanna do all the things girls at my age do and I want to look younger and healthier again :( and if this means getting more help from specialists, do I have to take it? :( I am so unsure about all of this and really would love to get some tiiiiips or advices of you my dears, because I know you all have been through tough and hard times as well and what would you consider best for me the Nutellaaaaaa-girlie? ;) 

I would thank you so much if you text me in any form ;) 
Have a wonderful day my Cuuuuties *_* 


  1. I think it is so wonderful you are starting to think about your future like this Ange. :) it shows that you really do want to be free of your eating disorder. I guess the question you need to ask yourself is, do you think you can fully recover on your own? If the answer Is no, i highly reccommend seriously considering becoming an inpatient. Remember the longer you remain sick, the more damage that is being done to your body and mind. I hope you are able to make a decision you are truly happy and proud of. :)x good luck gorgeous girl <3

    1. Heeeey Karly *_* thaaaanks so much for your wonderful, extremely helpful words ;) I am so sure you are right about only me having to decide what really truly is right for me :( but this is such a hard one, right? :( I know I wanna get out of this illness as fast as even possible, but I am not sure what suits better to ME personal :( I am so thankful for all of your support ;) Hope you are doing well!! Kisses to Australia xxx

  2. Hi Ange :) Your blog is lovely, thank you so much for sending me the link :) The way you write makes me smile so much :) :) :) You sound so positive. In my experience, if you are thinking that inpatient might help you then it probably will. I found that it put a lot of the pressure off me and just gave me time to rest and let other people look after things for a while. xxx

    1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw *_* Thaaaaaaaank you so so much Anna ;) It is so nice to hear from you :) :D I am happy you made it onto my blog as I really really enjoy reading yours ;) they are quiet a bit similar in some way, aren´t they? =) Oh thanks as well for your helpful advice and I think it is always great to get such tips from persons who already made it through the same processes and so thanks for your help ;) xxx Hope you have a lovely day and to hear from you soon ;)