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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Shooooooortly Update :)

Heihoooo my lovely oooooones ;)
So how are you doing the last days ? =) I really want to get to know more about you guys agaaaaaaain ;) maybe you wanna leave some comment on how you are spending your days at the moment ? =) Maybe school, work, travel, enjoyment, boredom, eeeeeeeeeeeverything you like :) 

I feel so bored here as well :) I don´t have anything special to do :( just waiting for the next check up and inspection :( but on weekends in hospital absolutely nothing necessary happens, it is all about just waiting for some results of my blood and CT :( so next week I am still having some ECG and blood pressure measurements :( so we will see :( they don´t really know where this thrombosis in my eye is coming from :( 

But now I got my own room and I also get some visitors each day, so it is quite acceptable and I arrange myself with it :) Something which is a bit confusing for me are my eating habits and cravings here :( I mean my body does not like the cooffeeeeee here at all, which I was so addicted to at home :) I maybe see this as a positive sign of my body craving something more fresh and tasty ;) and this may be good? ;) Oh wish me luck my Sweeties ;) 

I love u all so so much and think of all of you so many times here in hospital :) I don´t want to go into another clinic for eating :O So get your butt up and get out of this illness :) and tell me how you like spending your day at the moment and how the weather in your country is maybe :) Here it is just so misty and foggy and everything but not sunny and nice :) But next week I read it should get warmer again :) Let´s hope for it :)


  1. <3 typical day in the life of Emmyyyy ;) :
    Baking, blogging, chattering with Ange hun <3, cooking, scribbling, playing with my animals, going for the odd walk with Benny ;) but the days I have to go to the hospital hun I am there usually all day :(

    Stay strong huni I think of you every day!! <3 And huni I am so sorry the mail is taking so long to write haha I am so long-winded hun :o Love you huni stay strong I KNOW you can do it <3 xxxx

  2. Awwww *_* my dear this is so cuuuute ;) I love to hear about such typical Emmy days hunnniiiiii <3 they sound like so so soooo much enjoyment and just like yooou :) Oh and I wish you much luck for your hospital visit, I hope you are dooooooing good ;)
    Oh thaaaaanks so much ;) hearing those lovely words really makes my mood riiiiise ;) Oh I just received your sweetie mail my dear and I feel so touched, it is just amaaaaazing again ;) just so typical Emmy :-*
    xxx Love u and thank you so much for all of your support which means the world to me ;) <3

  3. Im so sorry about the thrombosis and that you have to stay in hospital :( But hopefully it will all clear up soon and I know you can get through this!! Here the weather is pretty warm though inthe morning it's best to wear a sweater or jacket as its chilly which I actually love ^_^ Right now for me it's school, work, blogging, reading, preparing for exams (uhhh) watching YouTube videos, reading lovely blogs like this one ^-^, eating, walking with my dog and doing a bit of yoga :) All different things and also napping, hahaha!as I don't get enough sleep at night, hah!
    Maybe I will write a little blog challenge on my blog and you can join in if you like so that I gives you something to do in car you get tired of just waiting all day, but only if you want :) Hope you are doing okay!! xox

    1. Ohhhh this is so lovely *_* Thank yooou so much for all your sweeeet wishes and words ;) they really motivate me :) Oh the Californian weather must be so nice and I also enjoy this feeling going outside in the morning and knowing it is still a bit fresh but it is going to be a lovely daaaay *_*
      Hihiii what great things to spend time on, I actually also do things like this in the moment most of the time :) it is always a good way :) Haaaa napping is always a great soluuuuuution :D
      Oooooh I definitively would looooove to join a blog challenge with you :) do you have anyyyy suggestions? :)
      Wish you a wonderful week and good luck for all of your exams :) xxx