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Sunday, June 14, 2015

What about being a child again? =)

Hiiiiii there my Daaaaarlings *_*
I wish you all a wonder wonder wonderful evening, I hope you haaaad a nice relaxed Sunday!!! ;) xxx

Today I really did lots of work for finishing and revising my internship/stage in primary school, which I did in March, you remember? ;) Oh and by doing this and thinking back about it, I imagined myself as a child... How much uncomplicated and simple life seemed at this age and this time :) 
Nothing seemed to worry and bring you down :) (except some anger or disputation with your sister maybe ;) haha :D ) But remember, you didn't think the whole day about food or how to avoid eating or how to hide it or to loose some more weight :( How much carefree life seems taking such a throwback :) Of course at this time I had different problems as well, such as how to make friends in your school class or what to play in the afternoon or what to do in your free time... =) But today I got really sentimental about it... As I always have been this type of person who would love to relive some greeeeat times in her life, I really wished to get some more of this little gaaaaal I used to be ;) 
But not to make you think I want to be this old "me" again... NO, for sure not!!! I don´t want to go back to this "old Ange", but I want to create a "new Ange" who does not care about the scale or food as an enemy... I want to be the "Ange" without Miss Mager, who more often pulls out her jauntiness and is more spontaneous and carefree again ;) 

This is what I actually wanted to say in this post I think ;) Seeing the old as not a bad thing, but decide to go for the new. Create something my lovelies ;) Don´t live in the past, but either don´t forget where you are coming from ;) 
Wish you a nice and enjoyable evening now my dears ;) 


  1. What a lovely post you wrote! <3 xxx

    1. AAaaaaaaw *_* <3 thank you so so much Annie ;) means so much to me :)
      How are you doing hun? I hope you are well ;)
      xxx <3

  2. Awww huni :'( so sad and nostalgic <3 I often think that too hun, I would love to go back to being the little girl that I once was :'( the last time I felt truly happy was my childhood, I would love to go back in time to it and relive it all again huni <3

    Aww huni what a gorgeous little girlee you were <3 you are stunning huni and when you have overcome Miss Mager you will be absolutely radiant :* love you huni <3 xxx

    1. Ooooooooooh my huuuuuunni <3 your words are so sweet and sad, but so so truuue ;) It would be so nice being little again and letting go all control of which Miss Mager took from us :(
      We have to fight;) and we twoooo girliiiiies will make it hun ;)
      Hahaaa Emmy this is so cute of you saying suuuuuch generous and gorgeous things :D you always cheer me up so much :)
      Loveee uuuuu gal ;) xxx <3