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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Suuuuuuuummer´s coming in *_*

Haaaappyhappyheeeey my Cuuuties :-*

Suuuummer finally is coming in here in Germany and with it all the nice and warm feeeeelings *_* with which ones I absolutely fall in looove ;)
The sun brings up such a good mood, or is it just me who enjoys lying in the sun, or driving in cabrio or with motorbike? ;) For sure noooooooooooot ;)
So as nice as all of this sounds, it now really is about a year that I was diagnosed with severe anorexia, and everything now comes up again and shows me and my family how hard it really is to beat such a harmful thing like Miss Mager really is. And that it isn´t only as simple as just eating and everything is okay again :(
Of course I have to look at all of the positive things that have changed since then, but nevertheless, every day I got hit and confronted with all the negative things she brought me and still harms.

Actually I wanted this to be a looking forward post ;) Hahaaa, but maybe I still can turn it into one :)
So as it now already is JUNE (Omg, I can´t always believe how fast time passes :O) I wanted to motivatee you all as well to keep your hard work up ;) it is so much worth it, as I recognize every day again and again :)
For sure not every day is the same and I as well struggle so much on a few ones, especially with cheating and so on, but every day is worth living and enjoying to its fullest and this is what life is about ;)  Sooooo today I tried (as it is very warm today ;)) my first ever Ben & Jerry´s in MY recovery ;) of cooooourse I chose my most liked ever flavor: Cookie Dough *_* OMG I was so proud afterwards :) sooooo sorry for babbling again, but now I will finish my day off with lots of positivity and a new bright future (AAAAAAAAND hahaaaa a typical German "Wurstsalat")
Wish you a lovely lovely day my huns :)
xxxx Keeep spreading Nutella
And now I will lay down in my cosy bed and watch a little bit TV;) 


  1. awww huni <3 i am so so sooo proud of you what a massive victory over Miss Mager!! <3 aw and Ben and Jerrys is SO yummy hun i love it too and cookie dough is my number one favourite ;) we will make this summer a summer to remember hun <3 promise <3 love you loads and can't wait for Augustttt huni :* xxx

  2. Ohhhh thanks soo so much my cutiepie ;) <3 Awwww omg, it is my absolute favor of it as well ;) nothing is as good as all the little chunks of cookie dough in it *_* heeeeeaven ;) OMG yes Hun I hope it so so much and I love u sooo so much as well ;) huuggies to my fav irish gaaaal ;) xxxx