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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Your yuuummyyummyest food? ;)

Huhuuuuu my Sweetcorns :) hahaa

I wish you all a delightful evening or which time a day it may be where you liiive :) here it is about 10 o´clock and after a day at uni, I am simply enjoying lying down on the sofa and watching a little bit of TV and of coooourse blogging *_*

Sooooo I thought about asking yooou: WHAT IS YOUR YUMMYYUMMYEST FOOD EVER? Something you could eat the whole day and every time again and again without getting bored ;) It may also be a fear food of you, but you should loooove it ;) 
Hahaaaa for talking from my point of you I can definitively say NUTELLA is one of them ;) 
Or chocolate would alsooo be a thing ;) But another rather healthy thing would be tomatoes and cherry tomatoes :) hahaa you can ask anybody, I am such an addict to it :D 


  1. My anorexia has gotten so strong that I cannot even answer your question about what is your favourite food. I honestly don't know any more :( It's lovely to hear about your favourite ever foods though :) Xxx

    1. Awwwww *_* Thank you so so much for leaving a comment Annie :) this means so much to me and makes me so happy ;) Oh hun this also makes me so sorry to hear :( don´t let your anorexia ruin your life Annie :) I am sure you are such a beautiful girl who deserves every food she gets and keep fighting it, I know you will make it through this tough time :) so where are you actually from if you don´t mind me asking you ? =) Sending you lots of Love :) xxx

    2. I'm determined to fight back and not let it ruin my life any more than it already has done! Your blog helps make me even more determined, thank you!!!! I'm from Wales in the UK :) Sending lots of love to you too xxx <3

    3. Oh *_* you seem like such a though and strong fighter Annie :) you can beee so proud of yourself, you have such an amaaaaazing willpower and I am so sure you can maaake it ;) OMG *_* thanks for such looooovely lovely words :) they make me so so happy :)
      Ooooooh I lovvveee Wales and the UK ;) one of my fav places on eeeearth :) I have such an addiction to this island :)

    4. You are welcome to come and visit lol I will supply you with Nutella!!!!!!! Xxx

    5. Ohhh this would be so cool ;) hahaaaa I tell you the exacte date I will come and you will have to fill up your Nutella stocks :) xxx <3