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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we´re here we should dance :-*

Huhuuuuuuuuuu Sweeties :) 
This quote basically marks my morning today ;) because as I first got to read it (I was just scrolling through the internet a little bit just as usual) I really thought: YES! 
Why not enjoying life, even the darker sides? I know this sounds weird, because who enjoys such dark and misty periods in life? But why giving up on any bad thing? Just because others think you are not strong enough to reach your goals? Or they want to tell you what you should do in life or they already know everything in such a more wise way you will never understand it? Those people are not good for you, believe me, I experienced this myself sometimes now, too :( 

Haha this is my left arm with some
bracelets which I got from recent
parties which I joined ;)
But why tie dark times us down? :) I mean there is always something good in everything bad :( so let´s try to focus on these things :) maybe I will do myself a little wee challenge to wake up every morning and for example in front of a doctor appointment or a hard day full of studies, I try to imagine all the good things in it :) so it would be like for example: I am doing this for my future, my job and my goals which I want to achieve in life for becoming a good teacher! Or at an appointment it could be, this is only for my health and that my body is fine and works properly :) You understand what I mean? =) 
I know so well, sometimes it seems that seeing the good things would be impossible, but honeypiiiies never let yourself down by that :) try to focus on positive happenings!!!
Annnnnd maybe you wanna try this out as well? Maybe waking up with a positive attitude will make life more brighter (probably not, I don´t know, but it definitively is worth giving it a try right? =)) 
Sooo according to seeing life as a party, go out and have fun, every single one of you!! You are worth having fun;) 
Enjoy your daaaay my Cuties ;) 


  1. Yayyyy this was such a great blog post to read! :) xoxoxox

    1. Awwwww *_* you are just so lovely giiiirl :) thanks so much for your comment, it makes me so happy to hear from you :) xxx