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Friday, August 7, 2015

Why does gaining weight must be so hard? :(

Hey hunnybunniiiiies :) *_*

Oh it is so so hot momentaneously in Germany and we have about 35° everyday :) Oh I love the suuuuuuuuun so much and I enjoy relaxing in the sun so much :) but today it really is tooooo hot, you can´t really leave the house without getting sunburnt :( 
But there is not always time to relax and chill..... I still have to do 3 essays for my studies :)and I also fight everyday with eating :) now I drink two of such well known gaining drinks everyday and I hope so much they will finally work now and I am able to trick at Miss Mager and kick her fucking skinny butt!!! (haha sorry for my rude words, but I hate this bitch!!!!=))
But honestly, why is gaining weight such a hard process? I mean I always get glanced from strangers and also known people and am told like: "Why does she not eat? She only has to eat, that can´t be hard at all" --Oh but I truly can tell you, it is not that easy unfortunately.... I hate getting such comments and they always really hurt me as well... Did you also make the sad experience of getting told such things like: "How stupid is she? She only has to eat and is not able to it..."
but recovery is not only about just eating :( there are so many processes and stupid things happening in your head, you can´t really put into words or show :( 
So recovery is not only eating food and then you are healthy, NO it definitively needs so so much willpower to stand up everyday again and remind yourself that you can´t stay at your momentaneous situation and for changing you NEED to gain weight :) Only then you fully will be healthy :) and of course you have to want it for yourself :) nobody else gains anything if you eat, only you become a normal girl again, and this is what really counts! Realizing this is not easy, but I believe in us, my cutiepies :) we are strong and this should be our mantra :) never loose hope! So do you have any special tips for me of how you are gaining weight easily? =) I mean which foods do you enjoy most and can cope with them better than with others? :) Thaaaaank you so much in advance! 
And don´t give a damn of what others think of you! They don´t know you personally and they don´t have any experience with the illness at all :) so be yourself!!! 


  1. It's still so cold in the UK with a lot of rain! But I'm not complaining, I love the rain so much! Today it has been sunny for the first day in a long time, but tomorrow is meant to rain again! I hope you're not getting too hot and sunburnt!

    I hate getting comments like, 'why don't you just eat?' it's so frustrating because if all we had to do was just to eat then recovery would be so easy! Recovery is one of the hardest things in the world, ever. I hate it so much. I'm sure you do too, but I really hope that the gaining drinks help you to gain. I drink some called Fortisip and there are 300 calories in 125ml so they really do help me gain weight without really bloating which is great. Please ignore all the bad comments my lovely girl, don't listen to people who say mean things because you know that they are not true, you know how horrible it is to have an eating disorder, you know the awful truth about anorexia so please do not listen to bad comments that will upset you. Like you say at the end, 'don't give a damn of what others think of you.'

    Love you loads special girl xoxoxox

    1. Oh my god, what a lovely warming comment Annie *_* really makes me so happy to read!! :)
      Haha I also got to know that the weather in the UK and Ireland isn´t as sunny and warm at the moment, which I think is kind of strange, because here it is sooooo hot :) but as I said, I love this so much <3
      You truuuuuuly are so right about this, because if recovery only would mean eating, we could really enjoy it, but there is just as you say so much more behind it :( I hate this part :( And thanks for motivating me again and again, it is so wonderful getting support like this :) *_* I also believe so much in you, we can do it hun :) Simply blocking such mean comments and don´t let them influence us, right? ;)
      We are who we are, and no matter what others think, it is our way and our choice of becoming fully healthy and happy again :)
      Sending you so much loooooove over Annie .) you go!!!!
      xxx <3

    2. Awwwww I'm so happy that made you happy :) :)

      It has been pouring down with rain here today, is it still sunny with you? I hope it is if you love it so much!

      I hope I have motivated you! Let me know if there is anything at all I can do to motivate you more, it would mean a lot to me to be able to help you! We can do it, together we are stronger! Yes indeed just block out mean comments. Write them down, put them in the bin and forget about them then, they're gone with the rubbish!

      Sending you loads of love tooo! From rainy Wales!!!! Xoxoxox

    3. Omg your comments ALWAYS are so heart-warming and lovely :) amazing really Annie <3
      Oh yes absolutely, it still is so hot at the moment here, but the weather forecast is predicting it will be colder the next days :( haha I don´t really hope so.. :)
      Oh this is such a helpful advice, creating such a bin would be a cool idea actually, but I also try to imagine it now :) negative thoughts directly are going to be pushed in a bin now!! also writing them down is very helpful in my opinion :)
      Kissessssss to Wales ;) xxxx