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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Feeling guilty

Huhuuuu Sweeties :-*
How are uuuuu? Hopefully you are enjoying your holidays or deal good with your work or job :) 
Today I thought I would love to write about the feeling and emotion of feeling guilty....
But not only because of your ED, also in general topics and such stuff :)
Because I am a person who always kind of reflects the mood of others on my own actions, which is not so good because I often think if somebody is in a bad mood, just because of anything, it would be my fault :( this happens to me so oooooften, I don´t know, how is this at yourself? ;) Are you also projecting everything on yourself? =( 

This already was a problem before my ED started I think, because I always tried my best to push up the mood of for example my BF or somebody else :( this was just so typical for me and still is to be honest....
But I need to learn and always have in my mind, that there are so many many reasons why people can be in a bad mood or react emotionally :( There can be such a ridiculous reason behind it, but also a deeper one like other worries they have :) maybe it is only they did not sleep very well, but it needn´t has to do something with me or you :) this is something I really have to practice on, because I now know that it should be my goal to make ME happy and not try to please everyone else or make them happy :) 

So how to deal with this little advice? I don´t actually know, but maybe I will now focus so much more on having some great time with others without even worrying what I can probably do wrong or maybe make any mistakes.. Also I do have to stop worrying about the fact of being boring and asking myself why people wanna spent time with me :) it could be so simple! they probably spend time with me, because they like me, it could be simple and to be honest, why always complicating everything in life? Must that be? 
This is so me.... What about you hunniiiies? :) <3
Wish you a lovely Saturday :) Keep spreading Nutellaa *_*


  1. Hi Ange, I fully understand your feelings, because I have the same. If my husband is sad or unhappy it must be my fault. I am the one to blame for all bad things happening around me, as I deeply believe that I am a bad person. But that is just another "face" of Miss Mager to destroy our happiness and to force us to not believe in our strength and in recovery. But from our mails, I know that you are a wonderful person. We can't please everybody even if we try, but we have all rights to be happy and we are worth living a life in peace without a voice that destroys us.
    In love, Maria from Linz

    1. Hi Maria ;) so lovely you stopped by and left a comment *_* I am so happy about it ;) Aww thank you so much for your sweet and kind words :) You are so right about this, we deserve to be happy and not to harm ourselves by bad thoughts and feelings :( they are so damn enerving right? :( but try to resist them and enjoy each day, this is what I set myself as a goal!!!!! Not focus so much on the opinion of others, rather be happy instead!!! you deserve it ;)
      Sending you so much love from Bavaria :)
      xxx Ange ;)