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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Typical Germanish thingiiiiiies *_*

Hellooooou my honeys *_* 
I know every native english speaking person now may thinks I am weird or I can´t speak any proper English according to the heading of this post ;) buuuuuut haha be sure, I know that these words doesn´t really exist in that form, I just wanted to go on a little bit as some of you suggested to me to write a little bit more about our German culture or typical German things :) 
So I decided today to maybe clear up about some well known widespread clichés which are existing about us Germans :) 
  • OMG *_* we are always and constantly eating Weißwurst, Wurst(sausage), Fleisch, Schnitzel, Sauerkraut, Kartoffelsalat, Brezen, Brot(bread), Leberkäse, drinking Bier(beer) and sitting in the Biergarten (beer garden?)! Haahaa this is so funny in my opinion, because everyone thinks we are doing this all the time, but this is just as so many other things happening to mostly special occasions or really not just all the time ;) of course everyone by times enjoys having a beer or sit together with others outside a restaurant and enjoying food and drinks, bu this is just a part of our culture and I really must say I really like it by times as well, as it is always so much fun having it ;)
  • So it is as well with going into a Bierzelt or a Volksfest like the Oktoberfest in Munich or the Plärrer in my hometown Augsburg for example ;) I really love such festivities, as everyone is having a Maß Bier (=1 liter beer or any form of beer in a Maßkrug), and simply having a careless and free time! I don´t know if anyone of you ever has been to something like it, but you should definitively come over to Bavaria and give it a try ;) simply tell me, I´ll bring you there :) 
  • Another cliche which is related to this as well is that women always wear a Dirndl and the men a Lederhose ;) haha this maybe also is true, but this is more common only in the south and Bavaria, where I live ;) Of course, we own them, and I also looooove wearing mine, but also this is to be worn also only occasionally ;) 
  • We are very punctual, elderly, reserved and cold ;)Sooo many many people think of us like this, but to be honest, I also have to agree on this in some way, but of course also disagree, as I am a German gal too ;) haha :D No, I mean, I also think the people at other countries, such as Britain, Ireland, ....are so much more open and friendly, polite and welcoming ;) But of course, this may seems regional differently and I can´t generalize it ;) 
  • We love Football ;) I am sure, I am definitively not loving it, but for sure, there are many many people which love it and there often is such a hype about it ;)
So what do you actually think about those? Are they true and are there specific ones about your country which are funny or definitively worth sharing them? I love getting to know such cultural specifics ;) they fit so much often and also respeak each other by times ;) 
Wish you a good night now my honeys :) <3
I really hope you can read it, because of the quality of the picture but I had to laugh so much finding this
on the internet ;) haha especially the irish one is so funny in my opinion :) 


  1. I want to come and visit you, it sounds so lovely! Xxx

    1. Aaaaw how sweet *_* simply come over and visit me, you are always so weeeeelcome at my house Annie *_*