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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Shooting stars and other wishes *_*

Heyheey my Darlings :) 
I don´t know if it also was announced so often or it also was visible, but here in Germany last night a big clear night full of shooting stars was announced :) 
Soooo as you all know a shooting star makes one dream come true when you wish yourself one :)

Hahaa so we were very excited, because this year I and my family really could need a bit of luck and a few wishes :) there on the one hand is my illness, which all hurts us so much and is so harmful to live with :( but now on Monday my grandma had a terrible stroke/apoplexy and is in hospital now :( She seems like an entirely different person and can´t move, speak, eat or see anymore properly :( so she gets feeded by tube and it is so painful to see her suffer right now :( so everyone is suffering much more now as well and it really gets so painful mostly for my mum :( I feel so so sorry for her and I really try my best to support her, but I still do so many mistakes in recovery and so mama here is to you: Es tut mir alles so so Leid und ich hoffe wir schaffen das zusammen alles. 
So I guuuuuess honeys,  you all know now why we searched for shooting stars yesterday night :) and when I then went to bed I finally saw a little one through my window :) 
-> Of course I took the chance and wished wished wished wished...... :)
Maybe my dream will come true :) let´s hoope for it :) So let my know my honeybees, did you see a shootingstar? :) 
Wish you all a lovely day <3
xxx Stay strong against Miss Mager and all traps life offers us :) 


  1. I'm so sorry hun to hear about your grandma. It must be so horrible for you to see her suffer like that so much in hospital. I will pray for you and for her, that she recovers quickly and isn't suffering too much after the stroke.

    I saw a shooting start too! It made me so happy to see one...but I forgot to wish...oops, I am so stupid aren't I?!?!

    Thinking of you so much at this time lovely. You will get through this dark time. It always gets better <3
    Big hugs xoxoxoxox

    1. Omg huuun you are so generous and gorgeoooous *_* can´t believe your words are so so nice!! <3 they really motivate me to keep it going:) it is so nice of you sharing your prayers!!
      Oh Annie hahaaa :) you had to wish for something, how could you forget? haha :D
      Aw, but it is never to late, I think you can always wish for anything, maybe one day it will become real right? ;) Sending you so much love to Wales
      xxx <3

    2. I hope you're ok!

      I'll have to make a belated wish...are you sure it counts?!

      Sending love from Wales to Germany! XOxo <3