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Friday, November 21, 2014

Raaaandom post I think :)

Buuuuuuuenas noches mis amigoooos ;)
Hahaaa as you definitively can (and will) see, I practiced over 3 hours of Spanish today in university :) :D 
Hoy he tenido un día agotador en la universidad ;) Aaaaabsolutely no idea if this is anyway correct, but in fact it just means I had a long day at my uni ;) Sooo didn´t actually do anything very special, exept having lessons in  Spanish, German and a subject which is called MuD ;) Eaaating out went hoooonestly well, because I literally (which really thrills me so much :)) was able to eat my morning snack consisting of two Mars bars and then for lunch my Mum came to our Mensa and we ate together ;) I am so thankful she is doing that, because this can´t be taken as an obvious thing, just because I still fight against my ED ;) She is always there for me ;) 
Omg *_* and then something strange (for me) happened: I read all dishes of the meal plan and had a look at them and decideeed for a chicken breast which is coated with breadcrumbs :S Ohh Miss Mager would have killed me, if she still would be that strong as she had been in June/July or the last months actually :) I was so glad believe me and I was happy to hear my mum was too ;) 

Yeah I know I promised to as soon as possible bring up a post about the typical German food and lifestyle, and I am already writing on it, buuuut today I didn´t get it ready to post but I hopefully will be soon ;) So I just thought writing a little bit of my day wouldn´t mind ;) hope you still are inteeeerested ;) 
Nooow I am going to have some dinner, let´s see what to prepare and afterwards I am planning to go with my sister and her friends to a club nearby ;) Let´s see how it is there, because I have never been there before, but surely it will be funny in some way ;) BEAT MISS MAGER´S ASS! Never stop ;) Wish you a lovely weekend my lovelies ;) 
Divertimos mucho en el fin de la semana ;)


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