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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Simply some inspiration :)

Love u all!!!!!!!!


  1. <3 awww hun thank you so much for posting this, it came at such a good time for as you know I'm not allowed to exercise for now as much :( and I am finding it very hard. But having some ideas of what to do instead is very helpful :) hope you are having a lovely weekend hun xxx

    1. Ohhhh right :( I am soooo sorry, that this is such a hard thing for you :( wish I could help you more, but always remember, when you eat enough and the right things you sooooooo sooooooon will be allowed/able to work out again the way you like it :) I think, because I think you are such a strong personality, this will be very soon ;) but until that time I am happy that the pic helps you <3 xxx
      Wish you a really great time, too :)