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Monday, November 17, 2014

Gaining weight is not so simple as it sounds :° but Christmas feelings ON ;)

Hallöööööchen ihr Lieben ;) 
(means: Helloooo my lovelies :))
Hope you are all doing well and I am sure you always keep to my advice of daily eating Nutella right? :D ^^
Here in Germany the weather today is sooooo grey, and I absoluuuutely don´t like it :( makes me feeling sooo tired anyway ;) but of course not tired to give up, but I also noticed in the last few days, that I have to take more and more changes in order to succeed in recovery.. :( you can´t stop at that hill your climbing :( your daily routines, constantly have to be builded and increased ;) otherwise I will be stuck and I don´t know what to do then.. :( this just can´t happen !!!! I have to do more! Kick this stupid thing :)
And for that I just wanted to put myself in a little more christmassy (don´t know if this word exists :D) feeling ;) 
Aaaaaaaaaah isn´t that a cute snack? Who would´t love it? I only know one person: MISS MAGER and she should simply shout up :)
OMG I think I am crazy for christmas today :)
So now I am going to listen to some christmas songs ;) haha only joking :D

Consitis of a soooo cute gingerbread and 3 "Zimtsterne" (tastes like gingerbread a little bit with a real cinnamon explosion in your mouth^^and on top there is some kind of sweet frosting) honestly something I craved for today ;) and the special thing for me is, that it made me feel proud and good and not hating myself for it ;) 
Hope you keep your battles also on and don´t get stuck ;) believe me the feeling of having a failure is so worse :( 
By the way do you have any topic suggestions? Because I don´t want you to get boooored ;) so if you wanna know something about me or recovery in general or everything you are interested, simply write meeee =) would love to read more of you, because I am such a curious person hihiii :-*


  1. Your snack looks super yummy! and very pretty :) hmmm, topic suggestions... Could you maybe write a little about Germany? At least I would be interested in that :) Oh and maybe a post about your favourite things/things you enjoy doing. Because I would love to get to learn more about you, if you feel comfortable of course :)

    1. Aaaaaw*_* how sweet of you ;) it reaaaally tasted like christmas, believe me ;) Do you in the USA also have those Zimtsterne? ;) I am just interested ... :)
      Oooh yes of course I can do that ;) great you are giving me some ideas and suggestions, because I am always hoping that you are all not getting bored of reading my blog ;) So thaaaaanks a lot ;)
      Sooo is there anything special about Germany you would like to get to know or just in general? =) Things like lifestyle, landscape, Bavaria, food, culture? ;)
      Wow, that is so nice of you, of course I feel comfortable with it, it honestly makes me happy you are actually asking for it ;)
      Have a niiiice week ;) xxx
      aaaaaaaah and by the way I want to compliment youuuu ;) I read your post on Izzys blog and I really think it is so much amazing what you already achieved and reached in your recovery ;) maybe you would like to share some tips here too or tell me a bit more of your life now after ED =)

    2. Ive actually never heard of it and I don't think we have it in the US :/ is it like a cookie or more gingerbread-likeor completely different?
      Well just in general and maybe about the lifestyle and food. That would be interesting ;) and also your opinion/thoughts.
      Awww thank you so much!! I was hoping it would help someone a little. Get a bit of motivation and reassurance :) oh wow!! Sure maybe I could email you if you don't mind? OR else it will be a huge comment. You could either email me or you could give me your email. Whatever works better for you :) Life is better but I still have some issues I need to work on, so not quite there yet, but we will get there!

    3. Oooh no problem, if you´ve never heard of it ;) It tastes a little bit more like a cookie with cinnamon flavor I think;) always gives me such a great christmas feeling :)
      Awww, I am so glad you asked, it will be very funny to think about this topic (what is typical german :) in general ;) love to share my thoughts with you, and I am going to write a separate post (as fast as I can type it in:D) about these topics ;) cool :)
      Oooooh absolutely yes ;) I always gain so much more motivation and inspiration by reading such stories of success or progress ;) especially from such nice and admirable people as you are ;) great you are doing this, keep it definitively up ;)
      Wooow, that absolutely would be super cool :) I would love to receive help and information of you ;) I think the easiest way is, you simply send me an email: ;)
      Thaaaaanks a lot in advance, I am really looking forward to get some news ;)
      xx Wish you a lovely and successful new week ;)

    4. I love Christmas :)
      Awesome! and please don't feel rushed :)
      Im so happy to hear that!! So, so happy!
      I emailed you recently :)
      hope you have a wonderful week and stay strong!!!

    5. Oh absoluuutely ;) I love it so much, too =) the atmosphere is so beautiful at that time of the year ;) even if it gets cold outside :) Looking so much forward to snow, do you live in the US in a part, where it snows in winter or is your home in a warm country? =)
      Aaaaaaw you are so nice Olivia <3
      Omg, this is an amazing email *_* reaaaally really cool thank you, I am going to answer it soon, but you wrote so much, and I have to read it more detailly :) thanks soo much :)
      Have a lovely weekend

    6. I live in California in a place where it docent snow and its only gotten significantly colder in the past few weeks. But Id rather have snow, a haha! Well at least it won't be hot on Christmas :)
      Ahaha, sorry its just so hard for me to make my emails shorter ;) But yes of course take your time theres no rush :) Awww you're so sweet :) thank you!<3

  2. Hey Ange hun <3 (and Olivia <3 ), I would love to read more about German cuisine and food hun? I am really really interested, as you probably already know, in the different cooking traditions of different countries and the particular foods and dishes eaten in each one! All I know about German food and drink is that you sometimes have cake for breakfast (?) , and I think salami and Black Forest Gateau are German foods too, but that is the limit of my knowledge to be honest hun.
    Lots of love and hope you are well dear xxx

    1. Heii Emmy ;) veeeery nice to hear from you :-*
      Yeees of course, great idea :) I am going to think about that topics a lot and then I´ll write a post about it okay? ;) Hahaaa yes:)
      Ohh this is so funny, you also, as neeeearly all people in other countries have it, have got this typical cliché of us Germans ;) so funny ;) but you are right, why not eating cake for breakfast, because when I was a little girl I always used to do that ;) but of course not such creamy, sticky cakes, rather sponge cakes or something like that ;) hahaa and yes greaaat you know the black forest cake, and have you ever heard such other cliche foods we germans love? Do you know Weißwurst, Bretzeln, Sauerkraut, Leberkäse, Schnitzel? ;)
      Wish you lots of love and hoope too Sweetie ;) xxx
      Are you doing well so far? =)

  3. Hey, I would love to find out about Germany!! And all the foods you mentioned above I would love to know what they are like!! Haha I have know idea what any of it is :)
    I hope you are doing well
    Lots of love Livvy :) xoxo

    1. Heiii Livvy, very niiice to hear from you =) how are you doing ?:)
      Hahaaaa this is so cute ;) I gladly will explain them to you in a separate post ;) coming up soon,I promise ;) will be really funny thinking about all typical clichés we serve in everyday life ;)
      Thaaank you, I wish you a lovely week ;)