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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What actually is typical German food? (Hihiii only in my opinion and in the cliches:D)

So because I think combining the general German lifestyle and food in one post would get a liiiiiiittle bit too long, I decided to split it up and simply begin with writing about what I think is typical German food ;) Of course this is not what everyone believes in, but it´s just my opinion and you have to remember, that I am from Bavaria, in the south and we eat so many different foodies as they probably do in the north :)hope you are okay with me only writing about those things I knooow or also maybe eat ;) But I think anyway this post is going to get a little bit longer ... ;) Don´t quite know with which one to start :S

Buuuut no problem, I definitively will start with one of those foods, that helped me soooo much loosing my anxiety of breads and carbs :) it really played/and still plays such a huuuge enormous role in my recovery (because I nearly eat it every evenig as „Brotzeit“ (means dinner). It is typical Bavarian and is my „Brezel“/Pretzel... ;) We usually combine it with fresh creamy butter, but you can nearly grease it with everything like ham or cheese ;) whatever you liiike ;) I loooove it so much, because in my opinion it tastes so much better than a normal bun or something like that ;)

Brezel & Weißwurst & Sweet Mustard

Soooo to combine the Brezel you could also use something very very Bavarian: Like I´ve mentioned in my last post: A „Weißwurst“ or „Leberkäse“.  The first one is kind of  a sausage and it is really common in this area that you eat these with a sweet mustard and a Pretzel for second breakfast :D Of course this is not practiced so much often, rather on festivities ;) 

Brezel & Leberkäse & Mustard

So you could enjoy the Weißwurst, as well as the Leberkäse (which is a somewhat thicker kind of wurst) very well at evening or for lunch for example on a bun, too) 

On the left is Sauerkraut and the
Wiener Schnitzel 

We also eat a lot of meat and other sausages, too ;) like "Wiener Schnitzel"(which is an allover breaded piece of pork) or "Currywurst"(a sliced sausage spiced and covered with curry ketchup), which are also often combined with "Sauerkraut" (sour cabbage) or other yuuummi things... ;)

Pichelsteiner (looks not so deeeli,
but believe me it is good:)
Theeeen to continue I would choooose some meals with potatoes, because we use to cook many of our meals with them ;) So something typical is „Kartoffelsalat“ (potato salad) which is available with many different dressings like mayonnaise or oil ;) and they are as well as other dishes with potatoes like „Bratkartoffeln“ (roasted potatoes in a pan) or mashed potatoes easy to be served as a side dish with sausages or everything you crave for ;) I really enjoy having them also in a meal, which is called Pichelsteiner Eintopf (which I actually just had a few minutes ago for lunch) ;) It simply is a typical stew made from various kind of meats and vegetables :) By times I find it nooow so much easier to eat it again, because while ED I was soo scared of all the carbs and the meat, that I refused to eat it ;) but nooot now!!! I am in recovery and not giving in!!!! ;)

Sooo what else is typical here? Something else you might not really know are „Kässpätzle/Spätzle“ ;) This is nooot easy to describe :S hmm I don´t actually know how, but they are kind of egg noodles and can be eaten as a side dish with meat or „Kässpätzle“ are  served with melted cheese and onions ;) believe me, they are still a little bit sort of a fear food, but eating them will get less anxiety as well I think ;) 

But in Germany we do not only eat  those massive and hearty things like it maybe seems by listing them ;) We also have lots of sweet specialities, which I definitively prefer (just by the way):
First of all there exists the „Dampfnudel“ (or if you want to fill it with jam: „Germknödel“), a so called steam noodle, sort of white, sweet bread roll eaten usually with vanilla custard. Reaaaally yummi, my Granny often used to make them for us, when we were little ;) I always enjoyed those days when she invited us for lunch to have Dampfnudeln ;)

Another speciality, I already mentioned in my recent posts , is the gingerbread („Lebkuchen“): It is usually eaten at the time around christmas and includes a huuuuge variety of different spices and flavours such as honey, ginger, cinnamon, nuts and almonds,.... ;) really always reminds me of christmas time *_* For christmas we Germans also loooove to bake so many different types of cookies: Traditional goods are for example „Vanillekipferl, Zimtsterne, Nugattaler, Butterplätzchen, Dominosteine,....“

Prinzregententorte *amaaaaaazing*isn´t it?
Ooooooooh nearly I forgot to mention all the beeeeautiful cakes we share ;) They are huuuge, believe me.. :D
So there is for example the „Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte“, probably known to you as Black Forest Cake, consisting of several layers of chocolate cake combined with cherries and cream ;) I am not such a huuge fan of it, but so many people love it =) I rather prefer cakes like our „Prinzregententorte (a Bavarian cake consisting of at least 6 layers of sponge cake with buttercream and chocolate *_*), Sachertorte, Donauwelle, Bienenstich, Kuchen.... ;) Omg so hard to stop talking about all those yuuuuummi things ;)

But I think/hope you now got a little bit more info about what is typical German in my eyes ;)

Hahaaa I hope you didn´t get bored while reading ;) I am really really looking forward to get to know your opinion about the foods ;) and I would also be very interested in hearing, wheter you know our foods in your countries ;) Aaaand of course my brave warriors, I would love to get your opinion about the taste of the foods ;) I simply mean, if you think if you would like to try some of them... ;)
Hope you all have a looooovely week ;) Love u all so muuuch :-*

Oh by the way I nearly forgot: Nutella is typical German, too;) Hahaaa


  1. Hello' thank you so much for writing this post! It was so interesting! And oh my gosh that cake looks amazing!! So good, I would live t have a slice of it!! Everything sounds so nice!! And it is quite different to what we have in NZ thanks again, Livvy :) xoxo
    Hope you are well! Stay strong!

  2. Ooooh I am so glad you liked it *_* This is so sweet of you! :) Thaaaaanks:)
    Oh yeees, it looks stunning right? =) absolutely a fear food still :( but I will tryy to beat it soon!!!! I promise ;)
    Hahaa really? Is it that much different? ;) Maybe you could show me some typical NZ foods too? :) I would be so curious and interested in them :) Only if you don´t mind of course :)
    Have a lovely weekend :-*

  3. Hey Ange, yeah I will write up a post on my blog on nz food if you would like ( if you didn't already know :)) it would be no problem :)
    Is that brezel like bread like? I don't think you can buy them here, you can buy pretzels but they are the crunchy ones :)
    Lots of love, stay strong Sweety :)

    1. Oh that would be very very cool Livvy! ;) I would love to read it and I am really looking forward to it ;)
      The only problem is, I strangely can´t find your blog :( I already tried it some time before, but I don´t find it, could you probably send me a link or something like that? I unfortunately don´t know why it does not work...
      Oh yeeees, a brezel is kind of bread, it is nearly as fluffy inside as a bun :) so it only has the same form as those little pretels, you maybe are thinking of ;) I know them, too, but the size of a brezel is very much bigger and you can eat is as a lunch, too with cream or other spreads ;) I am such a fan of it ;) you definitively should visit Germany and give it a try ;) hahaa :D
      Hope you are doing well, you are such a nice and cute person ;)

  4. Thank you for writing this post!! Ive tried the Brezel last year in Munich and it was so yummy!! And the Wiener Schnitzel Ive known about but never actually tried it. Oh and of course Currywurst. It was amazing. I also had some sausage but I don't remember the name of it. Black Forest cake is popular in Russia but i don't think its quite the same as the german one but still yummy :) all the food sounds so yummy!
    Olivia :)

  5. Wooow, I am so so glad you liked it!!!! ;) :-* and I think it is really cool and amazing that you already have been to Germany and tried these things :) I really have to smile about this thought *_* Oh yeeees, Brezels are suuupi delicious and Currywurst, too ;) absolutelyy special things right? Hahaaa, I probably suggest you ate some "Wienerle" or some "Frankfurter Rostbratwürste" (hahaa :D funny names right?) I think, they are something typical German, too :) great you liked them :)
    Oh really, you have BFcake in Russia,too? Ours is with cherries and chocolate sponge and loots of cream =) yours?
    Have aaaaa great week ;) Hope you are fine

  6. Yes, all so delicious!! Its pretty much the same, the BF cake but I still think there might be some slight difference in how they make it. Though I may be completely wrong and they're completely the same! Have a great almost-weekend!! :)


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    Great Recipe..
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    1. Oh wooooow *_* I was so happily surprised about your comment ;) can´t believe you live so far away and comment on MY blog ;) WOW :) so tell me what is Kothu roti in your country? =) I have never heard from it actually ;) but it sounds very interesting :) sooo tell me more and where are you from? =) this is really coooooool :)
      xxx Hope you are having a great weekend

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