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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Favorite Foods :)

Hellooo my loveliiiies :-*
How are youuu doing? =) I know I won't probably get so much feedback on this post, but I would be soooo interested what your favorite food is :) so I mean, the most delicious snack or simply something you always enjoy eating so much :) hahaa I am so interested in this topic, because I love to go food shopping (of course shopping in general, too :)) in different countries, for example when I am spending my holidays or time there :) 
So I think in Italy, they have greeeeat cookies and delicious desserts such as Panna Cotta (which I haven´t eaten for aaaages now, because of my anxiety:() or in Great Britain I looooooooooove to go to Tesco (omg *_* it is like food heaven), or in Ireland the Super Valu and in the USA I discovered Walmart as such a paradise for sweet things :) When I was there last year I absolutely could´t believe what kind of variety they offer to their visitors ;) but already last year I now have the feeling my ED started, because I only rarely offered myself such things as the different flavors of Ben & Jerrys or the divine desserts/muffins/cookies/cakes/sandwiches/drinks or meals they sell :( and this really makes me feel sad thinking about :( because I am now asking myself, WHY the hell did I ban them from my eating:(  
I am now really really looking forward to your response ;) what is so special in your country? =) 

buuuuuuuut what they sell in every country all over the world (I think/hope :D) is my loooooovely and yummy Nutella :)
Hahaa have a nice week you guys :) 


  1. Hiiiii hun :* I just had to comment on this as it is a topic I am fascinated about too!! And I absolutely LOVE food shopping!! I can spend hours on end in Tesco, Aldi or Super Valu just standing in all the different aisles looking at all the different brands, varieties, and flavours of FOOD!
    It's very, very hard to pick my favourite ever food Ange ;) there are so many...but of course I do LOVE my hot chocolate as you know ;) and chocolate (in all its various forms ;) ), ice cream (caramel....oh my goshhhhh <3 ), bananas, peanut butter, TOAST (especially the crusty end ;) ), cereal with warm milk, fresh bread....there are so so many!!! :D
    Oh my goodness these flags are AMAZING!! ;) and yes it is very true that in each country there are foods special and unique to that country ;)
    I love the way in England we have the big Tescos too Ange with the hundreds of types of biscuits, breads, etc ;) and all the traditional types of English cakes...Victoria sponge and teacakes and such like ;) and in Ireland we have lots of lovely dairy produce because of all the rain which makes the grass grow so green ;)
    Heehee and of course, in Ireland EVERYONE loves the good old "Spud" ;) and soda bread, bacon and cabbage, beef stew...they're all pretty Irish in themselves too I believe.
    In Britain there are so many kinds of cakes and biscuits which are very British in themselves :o shortbread, scones, sponge cake etc ;) and we have lots of different kinds of cheese as well :o
    Aww hun I am sad that your ED made you stop eating the foods you really enjoyed :( are you able to eat them now? I hope so hun!! I know how you feel as there were plenty of foods which I love that unfortunately, when I was sick, I pretended I didn't like anymore. Like McDonald's chips, chocolate bars, cheese, so many others :( but now I know that I DO like them and I don't have to pretend I don't - I can eat them when I want and I have a right to enjoy the foods I love :D and so do you hun <3 so don't ever let that voice dictate to you what you can and can't have!!
    heehee yes, I am pretty sure you can get Nutella pretty much anywhere Ange ;) you certainly can here anyway, today in the shops I was looking and I saw them, they even had MEGA-sized jars the size of a kettle :o So you would have no worries if you came to stay here hun ;) xxxxxx

    1. Heiii Emmy :) sooo happy you again left a comment :-* makes me feel sooooo good :)
      Hahaaa that´s so cool, I absolutely shaaare your addiction with walking through the shelves and simply enjoying the huuuge and massive variety :) and I always simply think: OMG, how do they come to the idea of creating so different snacks :) Hahaaa but you and your hot choc simply belong together isn´t it? haha :D so sweet :) oh yeees Omg, I love my toasts in the morning, too :) they smell so nice and taste amazing ;) but you in Ireland have different one that we have, because yours is sooo tasty, I know them, because when I am at my relatives in Ireland they also buy them ;) sooo I compleeeetely understand your passion for it :) and all the otheeeer things you mention just sound craaaazy delicious :)
      Hahaaaa yes I also thought they look so funny :) so why not sharing it with you aaaaaall? =) can´t imagine how someone can come to the idea of creating something like it :)?!
      OMG *_* yeees absolutely, Tesco is so cooooool :) all those delicious desserts and things, we all in Germany do not have :( unfortunately :( Awwwww *_*I know, the grass is soooo beautiful and I also think you have such amazing products there, like at Germany they only sell the Irish Butter Kerrygold, and this one really tastes better than many others ;) believe me, I had to try it out =) on a typical German Pretzel :) hihiii
      Ohhh never really heard of Spud, what is it? =) sounds like a dessert? =) booaaah the irish bread really is delicious yes in all it´s forms and varieties :) Omg, those very British things I kind of adore so much, they are all like crazy creations :) and such a huuuuuge variety of different scones and squares and all those things they sell in the super cute coffee shops and cafes all over the country :) when I am there I loooove having some coffee there nearly everyday :)
      Oh you are so nice, yeeees I am mostly able of eating nearly all of these things, but there of course often still is anxiety and I prefer rather safe ones :) so sometimes I am able to have something special like cake or now for example those gingerbread, but I try to increase my variety and to try out new unknown things :) and there are so many, which I don´t even know, like even in your country, soooo many flavors :)
      Wow, really wiiiise words Emmy, you are so right in choosing them :) sounds so true :) We always have to think: I am able to eat them, because they taste so good and I am craving for it now, so why not simply having them? =) Oh if it only would be that easy right? :) but we are working for it :) never forget: don´t stop at the hill, the view on top is beautiful =) this stupid voice is only in our imagination, we are the rulers of our thoughts :)
      Hahaaaaaa that sounds so sweet :) I know these big ones of Nutella, they are aaaamaaaaaazing :) I am honestly thinking about buying one, what do you think? =)
      Hahaa yes and I also think, because of all of these crazy things they sell in your shops in Ireland I would´t get too hungry right? =) would love to try them all out, but I think for trying something absolutely crazy I am not ready :) so what about you? Do you now eat everything you crave for? or did you simply try it once? :)
      Hope you are doing well :)

    2. Heehee I am sorry hun, "spud" is a term we use in Ireland for potato!! ;) We eat alot of potatoes in Ireland!
      That is such a wise and true thing to say hun! <3 Every day you give me new inspiration <3
      You should soooo get one of those big jars hun ;) oooh Ange, how long does a normal-sized jar of Nutella last you? I get through one big can of hot chocolate every week... :o ;)
      I try very hard to eat as many different things as possible now hun! I still find myself hesitating sometimes, hearing the voice saying no, you should not eat that... etc. But I have eaten foods over the past few months which, at one time, I would never, ever have considered trying...cheese, for one thing (:o ), and peanut butter, avocados, prawns, certain types of biscuit and bread, many different foods..and it's wonderful hun because I now am brave enough to try them and I discover that I love them! :) And it really makes you think hun of what we would be missing out on, if we continued to let our EDs control our food choices!

    3. Aaaaaaaah of course :) Ups, I think I already heard of it before, but didm´t recognize :)
      That is so nice to hear :) we simply help each other I think and this feels really good, right? :)
      Hahaaa I think I really should buy one of them, aaaand a normal sized one lasts for probably two weeks I would guess :) but I am of course not really sure :D Hahaaa you and your hot chocolateeee :) so funny
      Wow, this is amaaaaazing ;) keep that trying up, I am very proud of you :) this is the right direction :) trying out new things is so essential I think, I also try it as often as possible :) This really makes me happy to hear, that you feel strong enough to eat them :) suuuupi :) yes, this stupid voice simply should shut up !!! xxx

  2. Piña colada is delicious :)
    One of my favorite foods would have to be yogurt. I eat it at least once a day and have different topping on it, sometimes eat it with oatmeal, just experiment which is super fun! But only the thicker kind like Greek, I'm not a big fan of the runny kind yogurt. And of course Nutella ;) There's this sort of Russian gingerbread with different fillings. I've always liked those ever since I was little, and you eat them with tea usually :) Chocolate, of course, cous cous, pineapple, strawberries, honeydew, oatmeal, tuna salad, mashed potatoes, pasta, tiramisu and so much more!
    Food shopping is the BEST!
    Hope you have/had a lovely day!

  3. Heiiii Olivia :) Thaaank you for your sooo sweet comment :-*
    Awwww nice *_*how are you doing Pina Colada? :) I know sounds like kind of a stupid question, but is it a cocktail? :) Becaaaaaaause then I absoluuuutely understand your passion for it :) it is sooo creamy and I loooove the combination of pineapple and coconut =)
    Oh yes, that sounds great ) yogurt is so yummy and I also enjoy it so much, when I am having some :) especially with granola :) tastes like heaven right :) Oh yes, the Greek one is delicious and I am now not anymore so afraid of having one, because when I was in my worst episode I couldn´t even let it touch my lips, because I thought it would have so much fat :( Omg, I was soo stupid, of not knowing that my body absolutely needs it :( Hahaaaa Nutella is best right? :) thanks for supporting me in my opinion :) hihiiii :) Awwww gingerbread is delicious, like I also wrote in one of my posts :) love having them now, because they remind me so much at christmas time :) so do you eat this Russian version the whole year round? ) and what does it taste like? rather sweet or salty? =) and what is honeydew, if you mind me asking? =) sooo interested in getting to know all these things about you :) aaaaaw and I also love the other things you mention, soooooounds like food heaven :) haha
    I can ABSOLUTELY agree with you in that point :) let´s go against the voice in our head and walk straight into a supermarket now, so do I now :) hahaaaa
    Thanks a loot, I wish you also a wonderful weekend :)

    1. Ahaha! I'm so sorry I confused you. I meant to say Pana Coata not piña colada, ahaha! They kind of sound similar. Yes I think piña colada is like this cocktail but I've never actually tried it.
      The gingerbread in Russia isn't exactly associated with Christmas and its eaten all year round :) it's a bit different from the classic Christmas gingerbread but I absolutely love that one too. And yes it's very sweet so goes well with tea if you drink it without sugar. But if you want it with sugar too that good too ;)
      Oh honeydew is like melon. When it's in season it's sooo yummy and juicy!
      Ahaha, great call!!
      I think it's fair to say we all love food! :)

    2. Oh haaha :) Panna Cotta is so amaaaazing you are right ;) it absolutely was one of my favorite pre-ED desserts :) tastes like heaven *_* Wow, this russian bread sounds really really delicious and interesting :) haven´t ever heard of it, but would love to try it one day I think :) great snack idea :)
      Aaaaw I know honeydews then I think, they are for sale here in summer, too :) I also like them, they really taste fresh :)
      Yeees, I actually really went to the supermarket after my post ;) and bought some (even though it is cold outside ice cream ;) hahaa I am such a stupid one, but I was so craving for it :)
      xxx Have a nice week

    3. All so delicious! :)
      Ahah!! Don't worry, you're not alone ;) buying ice cream in the winter/fall is my specialty :) so proud of you :) now I'm craving ice cream to *_* ahaha!!
      I hope you have a lovely week too! :)

    4. Hahaaa this is so great to hear :) :D I hope you will find the perfect flavor :) what ice cream do you crave most? Ben & jerrys? :)
      Oooooh I definitively love B&J and Oreo Ice cream :) deeeeelicious believe me :) *_*
      xxx Ange

  4. The foods that are really good that are Australian are probably mostly "fear foods" for me now but I used to love them! We have this dessert called Pavlova which is a meringue cake covered with whipped cream and fresh fruit. It's so good and if you have it without the cream and instead have some low fat ice cream it's actually pretty healthy :) we also have these sweet cake things called lamingtons which are square sponge cake pieces covered in chocolate and coconut, and you can get strawberry ones too.
    One other dessert I'm not sure is Australian but I think it could be is banoffee pie. It's a caramel pie with banana and coffee cream on top, used to be one of my favourite desserts! :)

    1. Ooooh yes I know so well about that proooblem, that nearly all of these extremely delicious and fancy things become part of your fear food list when you have got an ED =( this is so annoying right ? :( but these Australien things sound amaaaaaaaazing :) Wow *_* honestly I would love to try such a Pavlova or a Lamington :) sounds deliiiiiiicious ) and banooffeee is so great eyes, you could be right, it is with such a toffee/coffeee cream I think :) we do not have it here in Germany(unfortunately :(), but I know it from my visits in the UK and ireland, and I absolutely liked it so much :)
      Wish you a wonderful day