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Friday, March 20, 2015

A letter for the Nutella Giiiiiiiiiiiirliiiiiie ;)

Huhuuuuu my lovelies ;)
Toooday I wanted to thaaaank some people because I thought I have now the perfect occasion for it :

At the beginning of this week, a cuuute little broooown letter flattered into my letter box at hooome :) Omg I absolutely immediately knew who it was from, because it directly came from theeee wonderful lovely Green Isle *_*
I already was looking so much for it with excitement, because Emmy already announced it in one of her messaaaaages :) Oh you all know now from who it was sent: Emmy :-*
My hot-chocolate loving blogger friiiiiiiiend from Ireland :) It was such a heart- warming <3 feeling getting something so personal from someone, you may never met, but feel like you already know him/her for ages :) By opening it, I really got stunned: about 10 (!!!!!) pages carefully handwritten :) soooo cute hun, thaaaaank you so much for this present :) I immediately started reading it and it was like I would know her like one of my best friends really :) I felt happy and sad at the same time, because she writes such personal things which honestly touched me :) Aaaaaand besides she draw such cuuute little paintings :) absolutely gorgeeeeous =) <3

My favorite label with the cute letter in front of it :)
And by reading this letter, I again became aware of the fact why recovery, REAL recovery is so worth it and definitively needed for happiness ;) I don´t want to be a prisoner of my own body or being inprisoned in hospital :( I want to be the real funny, normal, happy, healthy, smiling girl Ange, who is able to enjoy her summer again by doing things like swimming, diving, climbing, inline skating, sun bathing without getting glanced all the time, all this stuuuuff :) probably also go on vacation again and spending time with my beeeeeloved :)
I also wanted to say thank you again in this post to my parents and also my sis, for never giving up on me and motivating me day by day again to keep on my recovery :) I don´t know where I would be now without them and I am so thankful they spend so much energy in supporting me, so that I will never be able to give all of this love back to them :) They are so amazing people and you can´t believe what they are worth for me:)

And last but not leeeaaaaaast of course I want to thank all of youuuu who read my blog and alsoooo probably leave a comment on it ;) you always push my mood so hard and I feel like I would know you so gooood ;) maybe we´ll meet one day? :) hihiiii
Wish you all now a loooovely wonderful sunny weekend :-*


  1. I love getting post
    Parcels, packages, letters
    There's nothing nicer than having something delivered
    So nice of Emmy to send you something x

    1. Ohhhhh I absoluuuutely aagree with you Ruby :)
      It feels so exciting opening it and having the first look inside :) makes you feel so special =)
      thaaanks for this lovely comment :)
      Hope you are doing fine ;)
      Looooots of Love to Ireland ;) did I see that right, that you are from Sligo? =)

  2. Opening the seal to a letter is absolutely one of the most exciting things in the world +_+ no debating!
    Have a great weekend :3

    1. Hihiiiiii oh yeees :) You are so right:) it is something very special and feeeeeels amazing =) a little bit like getting a present ;) and it is something so personal right? =)
      Wish you a lovely weekend toooooooo ;) :-*

  3. OMG awwww Ange hun!!! You absolute cutie!! I am so, so glad my letter got to you hun and that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it hun <3 It will be the first of many hun, don't worry! ;) Thank you so, so much for this hun, I really am touched <3 Thanks huni :* you are so special and I love you with all my heart <3 Good night hun and have fun this weekend! <3 xxx

    1. Hiiihiiiiiii <3 there is absolutely nothing to thank me for hunniiiiiiii <3 your letter is the special thing which made me soooo unbelievably happy beliiiiiiiiiiieve me :) Ohhhh and I honestly can´t wait for the next ones Emmy ;) something soo personal really is so special and unique :-* You simply are such a sweet person :-* Love uuu hunniii =) <3
      xxx Hope you are having a nice weekend :-*