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Monday, March 9, 2015

A-Z favorite things challenge and how is it going for me :)

Hellooooooooouuuu my Sweeties *_* 
Thaaanks again for all the lovely comments on my last entrieeeees :) thoooose really made my day :) 

So how are you doing? I am doing gooooooooood, especially now springtime slowly arrives here in Germany and the sun cooomes out sometimes :) Oh and I absolutely love the smell which is in the air, just such a fresh and energizing breeze *_* 
My arm is definitively getting better day by day and I am now already able to move it sooo good that I nearly can´t believe it :) but nevertheless I am starting with physiotherapy todaaaay :) excited how it will beeee :) 
Of course I still practice to force myself with new things and eating bigger sizes =) especially for lunch ;) this isn´t so easy, but I keep my recovery rolliiiiiiiiiiiiing =) I want to go to the pool in summer and enjoy traveling :) I can´t stay the way I am and I refuse to stop at climbing the hill! :) 

At the weekend I felt like kind of a normal girl again, went out to two different clubs and definitively had very much fun at dancing and drinking :) so yesterday evening I was so tired :) felt asleep at 10 I think :) And toooday I had to make a lesson in school in my 4th grade class :) so me and the other girl who does her stage there had to introduuuuce the kiddies in how to write a ghost story :) It definitively wasn´t as easy as I thought, but it went well and some answers of the kids really made me laugh so much :) 

Now I will continue my studies for writing my term paper for another subject from uni about inclusion ;) 
Buuuuut with this post I actually wanted to announce my now following A-Z favorite things challenge which I will do with Emmy from :) Check out her lovely blog, it is so much worth reading it, because I rarely met such an honest and sweet person as she is :) She is my special little hot-chocolate-loving friend from Ireland :) Maybe Olivia (my special lovely friend from CA)  you also want to take part at it? :) AAAAAAAAnd of course (and I would definitively love it =)) everybody else should take part toooooo ;) I would be so glad if you would do too :) Soo starting as soon as I find the time :)
Wish you all a good new week with lots of new hooooope :) 


  1. Awww I love the positivity of this as always hun!! <3 Ohhh awwww hun I feel so honoured that you mentioned me in this <3 You absolute sweetie awwwww <3 yes we must do it ASAP hun I'm starting mine tomorrow heehee ;) <3 so keep an eye on my Cocoa-Stained Apron hun heehee <3 love you huni :* xxxxx

    1. Omg you are so cuuute huniii :-* oh foor sure I definitively had to mention you in this, we are doing our recovery together sooo we support each other so much that I HAD to ;) I love ur blog so much and I reaaaally loved sosoooo much reading yours, as I saw you already did it huniiiii ;) so proud =) it is so amaaaaazing to get to know you soo clearly hun ;) always makes me so happy ;) and I would also seeeet my goal to meet a very special friend in beautiful Ireland huuun ;) I guess you know what I mean :) this would mean so much to me :) oíche mhaith xxxxxxxxxxxxx love <3

    2. <3 awww <3 that one i did hun isn't the a-z favourite things challenge hun...I thought I would just do it in the meantime while I was waiting for you so we could do the other bblog challenge together ;) ooh yesss huni that is exactly what I meant by writing out that goal hun :* Awww I can't waitttt to read yours too huni :* <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ommmmg Germany looks so niiice ;)
    To visit there is in my blog's wishlist ;))))...
    I finally had the chance to have some nutella and toast for the first time after ED *-*
    bliss!!!!and I totally agree with you :) it is magical!

    1. Aaaaaaaaaw *_* thaaaaank you sosoooo much Honeey :) I really felt so happy today seeing your comment on my blog :) makes me feel so proud :) You are always invited to visit me hihiii =) where are you from if you mind me asking this? =)
      Oh wooooow managing Nutella for the first time is really such a pleasure isn´t it? =) Buut wooow, you definitively can be so proud of yourself for doing it :) Magical oh yeees it absolutely is hahaa *___*
      Soo thanks agaaaain <3 xxx

    2. Currently a student in NZ ;)
      Your blog is one of the best blogs <3!!keep on!!
      p.s. I'm out of Nutella :'(.....

    3. Omg this is soooo interesting *_* soooooo how are you doing Sweetie? ;)
      Hope you are all fineeeee :-*
      Your comment makes me so happy thaaaanks =)
      OOOOOOOH no this is horrible :( :( how did that happen? I definitively immediately have to send you a few jaaaaars that you always have some in storage :) *hihiii*