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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Having some mantra :)

I know I can eat, I just have to do it ................
I know I can recover, I just have to do it...........
I know I can eat without cheating, I just have to do it.........
I know I will be able to live a happy and free life, I just have to do it......
I know I can gain weight, I just have to do it.....
I know I am strong enough to try out my fear foods, I just have to do it.....

I know now that if I just do all of these things and let recovery happen I finally will be the free me again !!
I just keep on repeating these things in my head like a mantra which helps me staying on track without giving up or making steps back =) I WANT TO RECOVER no matter who tells me I can´t or what happens :) this is my decision and I will do it :) 


Hope you are all doing well my lovely honey cake horses :-* hihiiii ;) 
OMG so excited for my birthday tomorrooooooooow =) *_*


  1. <3 I know you CAN do it hun :* xxxxx
    And of course...HAPPY BIRTHDAY huni <3 i hope you have a fabulous day <3 lots of love hun <3 xxxxx

    1. Aaaaaaaaaw *_* hunniiiiii <3
      Thaaanks so much for believing in me :) this always makes me so happy :)
      Aaand thank you so much for the birthday wishes, this is soooo cute ;) I already got your fb messages so thanks so much Emmy :) <3
      Have a lovely Sunday xxxx

  2. Hi Ange. Happy birthday to you :) i hope all your wishes come true. I know recovery is not impossible for you to do it. Always be happy cutie pie :) Do tell us about your birthday, I'm looking forward to read it on your next post! -H

  3. Ohhh thank you so much for this lovely comment Honeeeey:) *_* it is such a sweet one =) and all the wishes, this is so nice :) Hihiiii, sooo I as sooooooon as possible wrote one about it =) I hope so muuuuch you will like it and you are doing well :) <3