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Monday, March 23, 2015

Best moments of my life :)

but unfortunately without sun :(......
But nevertheless loose your positivity!!!

This was my motto yesterday and today!

Sooo after a few very very lovely sunny spring days here in Germany, it today is rather more cloudy and not shiny :) but no matter what, I try to brighten up my day by doing a blog challenge with my favorite blogger gaaaaals again: 
Remembering some of the best moments of my life so far may pushes your moooooood, wherever you live and what weather there is as well ;) 

  • Our America trip in 2013: this trip to the West Coast of the USA with my family was one of the best experiences in my whole life :) All the stunning and huuuuge landscape with those unbelievably amazing cities like San Franciso, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego ;) also the National Parks and the hot weather =) really a magical atmosphere everywhere we went *_* :) I feel so sorry this time is over, but I experienced so many life-changing things, that I am so thankful for this :) So I can only recommend to everyone of you guys to try it out=) 

  • All of our holiday trips in our mobil home I would say were some of the best moments of my life ;) I am probably only nearly 20 years old (in exactly one week there is my biiiiiiiiiiirthday =)) but I am so thankful to my parents that they already showed me so much of this beautiful world :) especially Europe of course, but they made me some absolute travel addict :) so each year we visited in one of our various mobile homes a certain country and visited so many sights, beaches, castles, cities, cute little villages, scenic roads, nature beauty, tours,..... ;) some special experiences were for example: (I hope this does´t bores you, but it is so fun for me at the moment remembering them all, that I simply can´t stop :): 
-Ireland: visiting my family (which lives there near Sligo in the west), driving old, little small roads down, seeing stunning cliffs, beaches, stealing land signs (hahaa:D), going into supermarkets there (I love doing this in every country =)) 

- Italy: in all sorts of different visits: camping with our mobil home for example at Lake Garda or in Limone or in Meran ;) also we spent a holiday at the beach and enjoy the relaxed southern mentality of the people and their calmed down mediterranean lifestyle :) 
- Portugal: I have been here three times, because as I already mentioned my relatives live in Lisbon and I looooove this city ;) It really has a unique atmosphere with the cable cars and the river and the southern style houses ;) shopping here is also great and I love the beaches too ;)
This is inside our camper ;)
on the road again
- Great Britaiiiiiiiiin: Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland: I absolutely so much fell in love with these island :) the people, the nature, the lifestyle, all so magical for me and it has so many different perspectives :) on the one hand cute little small wrinkled towns and villages or cities near the seaside with soooo lovely little gift shops and on the same way you paaass stunning nature views ;) like cliffs, small roads, green fields, the seaside, old ruins, ..... really every holiday I was there (and believe me, me and my family visited this isle very often =)) I already discovered so many new amaaaazing things there and I honestly can´t get enough of it :) 
-Sweden and Norway: we went here in 2006 and 2007 and both times we loved it very much: the kind of a little bit rough nature with the cute houses and stunning look and view points ;) 
-France: in 2009 we did a "Castles-of-the-Loire-Valley" tour and had a great and interesting look in many of those romantic castles along the banks of the Loire ;) 
  • The day I received the opportunity to study teaching for primary schools :) I remember this one so clearly: We were in the US and the internet wasn´t working properly/rarely on this cute small camping area we were ;) If you wanted network connection, you had to walk to the toilet house and sit on the bench in front of it =) so it was in the morning and when I received the email I jumped up and run down to our camper :) my parents glancing at me with tears in their eyes and I simply was so unbelievably happy :) New things to coooome... ;)
  • To not getting this post into enormous length: Other great/probably not best, but wonderful moments of my life (which I really appreciate=) could be: returning home after being away and recuddling all of our animals, enjoying an evening outside in a warm summer night, going to the pool in summer, christmas time, meeting my friends after not seeing them a longer time, having some cocktails, getting in contact with new people and having fun with them, kissing, hugging or cuddling somebody, going to a party, not worrying about so many things, remembering the time when I was little ;) 

The best moment in my life I am now looking sooosoooo much forward will be the moment I finally will be declared healthy from my ED and behave like a very normal girl again ;) I wish for this so much :)


  1. I love those beautiful memories!!!! And I´m looking forward to your wonderful future!!!!! Mama

    1. Ohhh Mama *_* thaaaanks so much for finaaaaaaally leaving a comment on my blog ;) I was looking so much for this one :) hihiiii you know it ;)
      Thaaank you so much and I hope you will beee part of many of the positive and happy future moments ;) xxxxxxx

  2. I love it having been a little part of those memories and always loved to see you All here with us in Ireland. Hope to see you soon .... , Mamas sister :)

    1. Oh this is just too cute Auntie Tina ;) thaaank you so much for all the nice memories I already had at your place and I hope so much I soon will be there again ;) can´wait for it ;) xxx

  3. Its so nice to read about all these lovely memories!! And being declared healthy is so, so excting! I will be so happy when I read the post where you write about that day because i know you can do it :) Realizing you are free of a voice is extremely rewarding. Theres so much for you to experience and its so, so exciting :) keep going<3

    1. Aww thaaaanks so so much ;) I am glad you like them :) and I feel so proud of hearing you believe in me =) can´t look forward to this post, too =) this is going to be an amaaaazing day I hope :) And I hoopoe so much it comes as fast as probably possible :) You are such a role model to me in this direction so keep this up Olivia :-*