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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Don´t let HATE in and bring you down

Something I today was confronted with, is something I haven´t thought now for a while... 
In summer there was a time when it was one of the most present feelings I had, but in the last month or two, there hasn´t been a concrete occasion why I should think about it in detail:
Of course hate is a mood, that is not comfortable at all or anyway it can make you feel bad, but, and now you have to promise me, that you do NEVER let it rule your thoughts or control your actions!
It only makes yourself vulnerable, because if somebody reminds you of the reason of this feeling, it easily brings you in an uncomfortable situation in which you think about it again...and you should absolutely do everything to avoid this! 

So this happened to me today: I met the dad of my formerly best friend from school ;) we both started the same class at university, too, and when she noticed that I had an eating disorder she behaved in somewhat way strange and unfairly towards me. This means, at the beginning she tried to simply ask me what was wrong and also wanted to help me by making an appointment with an counseling center for ED... 
But then she became different... She tried to outplay me towards our common friends by telling them things like: "Oh Ange was slow again (at this time I only weighted 37 kg -> by the way, I am 1,71m (just thought you might be interested))and blablablaaa". I got really angry at her, but tried to keep our friendship alive, because she was my best friend for more than seven years now. 
But she kept more and more distance and told me I was bringing her down, so she only needs to concentrate on herself and her exams now. And that was the point I realized it was better for me too, to keep distance and forget about her the best I can
At first I was struggling with my feelings, but after a short while, I recognized I felt better, too. 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that was the moment I realized HATE is not good, simply forget about it and move on!
You don´t have to hold on to the past, if it does not fit in your future or even pulls you down!
So be strong and move on! I am sure, all of you already felt like myself in some situation, where you think you hate this person, but be sure, you are stronger than they are, if you show them your back and forget about them! 
And most of all, NEVER hate yourself! So my advice for you is to always put up a smile and think about the good, not the bad times! Don´t let hate in, because you musn´t forget that only YOU are the designer of your thoughts!
Hope you all had a great day! 
And maybe if you have any more suggestions of how to cope with hate or get over these thoughts, I would be glad to get to know them!


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