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Friday, September 12, 2014

How to motivate when you´re feeling down :)

Raaaaaaainy days are probably not the best thing for your motivation to keep on going, but I also think you shouldn´t spend so much time on thinking about it. Of course, this is easily said, but often very difficult to practice, but this morning (it rains aaaaaaall the time and the weather is cloudy and misty). I simply decided not to think about it and focus on more positve things as well as things I have to do now. So for example in two weeks I have an exam from uni, and still got a lot of work to do... So I made the decision to imprison my personal ED / „Miss Mager“ (that is german for „Miss anorexia/skinny/thin“) into a locked room, where she can´t get out of. The only thing she now is able to is screaming, which is something that isn´t so easy to block... But I don´t mind, she is not here at the moment, no matter how much attention she wants... She simply doesn´t get it!
I also try to put on my daily focus on things that make ME feel good! Me and nobody else, because only I am the director and constructor of my thoughts. This is one of my most remarkable quotes that inspire me, i absolutely think it fits for the battle against the illness!
So what to do today? The best thing to do, when you don´t have any idea of what makes you happy: I went shopping J and it was a great feeling to see that the clothes don´ t look sooo baggy as they did before I started eating again.
Hope you all also had a good day ;) 

Of course the best way to start each day is with Nutella :D
I always eat two toast topped with it :) Yuuuuuum


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