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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Next to Nutella: What inspired me to start my recovery

So in the next few days I am planning to put up my whole story so far in my posts :) Because I really want youuuuu to get to know me, my background and the reasons why I chose recovery, better! I absolutely feel related to all of you and I want you to do this, too :)

So something that absolutely inspired me to start my recovery and write a blog for helping others in their specific situations is the blog of a Swedish girl, which I found by just surfing the internet. I mean I already read some books about what anorexia actually is, but NONE of these helped me so much, as Izzy did by daily writing her blog. So since then every day I was on her page and read what she posted. The special thing about it is, that you feel that she (after an nearly endless struggle over 5 years, she now is declared healthy) honestly writes from her heart. Not only facts about the illness, no, she puts up a brilliant mixture between her daily life and thoughts for recovery. She inspired me so much to start my own fight, that I nearly can´t believe it, because I don´t actually know her personally =) 
And that is one of the reasons why I as well as her want to help you! So all of you guys who need an extra push to get rid of your ED, read her blog, it is so much worth reading it:

So what did inspire you actually? Maybe some of you want to share their experiences, too :) I would be very interested to hear your stories :)

Hope you are all doing well and keep eating Nutella =) it is probably the best medicine for you and me :) xxx


  1. I found izzys blog the same way as you! I am just at the start of my fight and you have managed so much already! Go you! Keep it up.

    1. Heeii :) I think it is supercool of yourself to share your thoughts and your story with me/us :) One advice I can absolutely give you, which always helps me very much is: Only YOU are the producer and manager of your thoughts ;) I know it is so hard to practice, but keep staying strong and one day you finally will be able to control them in the right direction ;) I believe in you and hope to hear further good news from you!! xxx

  2. I am just glad i can help and that you like my blog :):) Stay strong sweetie!

    1. I promise I will do the best I can !!!! ;) Hope you are doing well ;) xxx

  3. Dear Ange,

    it's great to hear that you have decided to recover. Stay strong. And yes, Nutella is delicious :) but I prefer Milka ;)

    Hugs :))))

    1. Hahaaa ;) thank yoou so much ;) Milka is great, too, I think there are so many different flavors that nearly everyone can loooove it ;) So do I, too ;) xxx

  4. Hi

    Good on you for recovery it is sooo worth it and you are worth every part of it too!! Well done! You seem like a amazing girl :) I found izzys blog just like you and she helped me soo much, even though I wasn't diagnosed with an ED I have a anxiety disorder and my weight at its lowest was 38... And my councillor got mad at me and t got worse when I had to put on weight, my anxiety got the best of me... But hey that's long ago, life is good!!
    Like you also izzy inspired me to make my own blog too!! Except mine only gets two page views per day if I'm lucky and doesn't have any followers (it's called loveisstrongerthanthepressuretobeperf@logspot if you want t he my first follower (stutterly asking ;P)) haha!!

    I hope you continue to improve, you go girl!! :)

    Lots of love and hugs

  5. Haiii ;)
    Thank you sooo much ;) feels great to get to see how many people can relate to oneself according to the fight against such a harmful illness like anorexia or others :) so it is really exciting for me to hear your story, too! Hahaaa I am really also looking forward to see how you keep on fighting, so I am definitively going to have a look at your blog, sounds pretty interesting and it is so good to share your thoughts with other people, because it helps them and yourself very much =) so a really great idea I think! ;)
    Thaaaaats absolutely the right direction you are fighting forward, because life is really amazing and worth living ;) Keep it going! YOU can do it ;)
    Ange xxx