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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just a few thoughts for Tuesday :D

Aaaaaaaaa big helloooooooo to everybody! 
How are you guys feeling today? Are you having a good mood or are you down? Hopefully you´re all fine, because no idea why, but anyhow I am happy today :) Not even the bad weather could bring me down or the fact that the last days I cheated in some way and disappointed my mum with that.. Of course all that matters in my daily life, but don´t let yourself get down even if you do wrong in some way. I know in some episodes of the day eating can be so much hard and triggering but if you arrived at a certain point you will feel that it was worth eating it :) No more HATE after each meal, rather pleasure and satisfaction! For myself I personally have to say, that since I´ve tried some of my fear foods, eating in general got easier and I don´t think so much about what I actually eat :) 

Aaaaaand there are some good news now, since half an hour ago, I´ve been to my typical medical check out at my doctor for weighting (at my worst stage I had to go there weekly, but now always in two or three weeks intervals), and my weight has raised! And the most stunning thing for me is, that I actually honestly like it :) Don´t ask me why, but at the moment I can deal with that weight gain in general surprisingly good. I think this has something to do with the fact that I absolutely love it, when other people are happy with me, too. And every time my weight increased a little bit, for example my family, friends,.... are sharing their emotions with me and this makes me feel so proud and pushes me. Because I also know that feeling and the consequences, when the weight goes down, very well... Every day then is horrible, and all the marvelous mood is gone.. :( I hate that! Never back to that again!
Hahaaa and what I also want to mention now is that I feel absolutely in some strange way amused, that I´ve just managed to eat a typical German "Brotzeit" :) which means a "Wurstsalat mit Brezel" :) (don´t know if you know it, but it´s like you can see in the picture) just to laugh about it in some crazy style :D
Oh and yes I want to thank all of you who read my blog, it is an amazing feeling to be not alone and knowing someone cares! :) 


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