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Wednesday, September 10, 2014
So, this is my first post on my new blog! I am very exited about how it will work... And most of all, of course I am very interested to get to know more about  the people who actually read it :D
I created this blog to share all of my experiences and struggels in daily life with my eating disorder anorexia nervosa. Sure you all know a few things about it or unfortunately you probably suffer by yourself from it...
In this case I hope you are all doing well and keep on fighting against it! This is something I want to reach with my blog, because reading other motivating blogs always helps me so much in my personal recovery.
Only remembering of my worst stage of this ED makes me shuddering L Many of these different episodes I later want to share by times with you guys, because I want that you get to know me better and grab some hope for your recovery. I personally believe, that there is hope of becoming fully healthy and it will absolutely be worth it! So get your ass up and make the decision to start your way to hapiness, and help me to stay motivated, too.

So everybody who simply feels like talking or chatting to somebody  (about ED or anything else you want to): be free to contact me, I would be very happy! You can do this by simply commenting my updates or write an email to:
So for now I am going to try (at the moment I don´t know very much about blogging :)) to organize my blog and hope you will like it! ;)


  1. Yay! Way to face your fears, and triumph over them, my fellow warrior. Recovery is so possible and WAY better than listening to the negative voices that would seek to tear you down. You were meant to live in the light and be free!
    with much hope for you,

  2. Good For you!! :) :) Hope you are doing well <3 xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Hey guuuuys,
    This is so amazing... I am so much surprised, that you commented on my blog, this feels so special for me and absolutely pushs me on my way of getting healthy and staying motivated ! Can´t really believe it, that somebody honestly reads my blog ;) I hope by times I will be able to motivate you to keep on fighting with my story! Do you as well as I do suffer from an ED? ☺
    Hope you all are fine :) <3 xxx

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere Ange
    I'll look forward to reading more x

    1. Thank you veeery much ;) it feels so good to know that somebody reads my blog ;) Unbelievably!! xoxo