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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Enjoy the Little Things in Life

To all my lovely readers:-*
Just thought about writing a little bit about my daaaaaay;) Hope it doesn´t bore you ;)
Buuuuuuut yesterday arrived and I opened them today my yuuuummiyummiyummiiiiiiii Questbars, which I previously ordered at Amazon (because you can´t buy them here in Germany, no idea why..:$)
Omg I love these bars, nearly everyday I try a different one in the afternoon as a snack (I bought one mix package and one with my absolute favors: Cookies & Cream). Thanks again to Izzy who finally inspired me to try one of them ;) and I think they really all taste good in their own personal way and I´ve got such a big variety to choose ;) So everyone who isn´t sure of what he might crave for, this probably could be a great food to satisfy your needs ;)

Ohh and by the way, tomorrow I am opening up a new link at my top bar, where I am going to write a bit about my personal battle and all the lies I´ve told to some many beloved people, which I can´t take back so easily... :(


Sooooo now I again wish you a wonderful night and never forget to keep your head up high, you are so worth to become fully recovered and live a beautiful life! Let us all go against this stupid scale, the lies, the voice in our heads and no longer let them in our life! Focus on the little things that make us happy!


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