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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to eat a fear food (from my experience :))

As a response of the very good and not anyway easy question of Rachel below my last post, I decided to try to explain more in detail of how you could be able to manage to eat something from your fear food list!
I feel very proud that she actually asked me like how to do it, soooooo the probably most important advice I can give you is:
Look upon food with all of your senses!!!!!!!!!

See, Smell, Touch and Taste it!!

You will notice that it looks beautiful, that it smells amazing, that it feels hot/cold/natural/enjoyable, so close your eyes and taste it!

You probably should try to check these things off like you would try to scratch it off your personal list!
So I´ll try to explain it to you in my own case, that you will probably be able to transfer it on yourself... :)
For me it all started with my dad who insisted in me that in his mind the only way for me to gain weight is to try to eat bread. Because you can´t imagine how much fear and anxiety I felt by eating any kind of carbs, especially bread... I was so afraid of it that I nearly can´t remember that horrible feeling now at the moment... So what did I do?
At first I blocked completely and refused to try it, but then my mum took my hand and placed me next to our toaster where she lately put a wholegrain toast in. So I stood there and waited for the toast to jump out, already feeling ready to refuse eating it...
Buuut then it came out and I saw in which way the heat of the toaster made the colour of it change from a cold sort of muddy brown to a warm golden brown.. So I SAW the food in a new light...
Then she took it and placed it below my nose and I closed my eyes, so I was able to smell the unbelievable fragrance of it. Believe me, this smells so amazing, I barely couldn´t believe it, you should also try it! So I SMELT the food in a new way...
Then she started to persuade me to take it into my own hand and feel the warmth o fit. At first I had to smile about the whole situation, because in some way it felt a little bit strange and unreal, like I was just a kid learning to eat again, but believe me it helps. So by holding it in my hand, I TOUCHED the food in a new way...
But still I haven´t tried this toast... But in some also strange way this one special toast didn´t cause anxiety in my mind and I felt ready to try it.. Don´t know why, but simply try it out, too, I could imagine you will feel this emotions, too :)
Of course this sounds easier than it acutally is, because I have to admit that I still wasn´t able to simply bite deeply in it, but after my mum put Nutella on it, she cut it into four tiny pieces.. Still I felt unsure if I would be able to let the toast get into my mouth, so I asked for a fork and a knife (I know this sounds weird, but I simply needed it...) And then really slowly (it actually felt like ages for me) I TASTED my fear food...

Strange picture but here is my first toast (with knife and fork.. :)

Soo my tough warriors, give yourself enough time to eat such a food from your list. So let it be whatever you are afraid of, chocolate bars, bread, cakes, desserts, try to check off this list, maybe it helps you or makes it easier for you.. I also did it in the same way at eating my first Mars bar, and the smell by itself is so much amazing that your will to bite in it will surely increase.
I hope this little post/advice could probably help you to overcome your fear foods, even though it never is an easy thing to do at all.. But YOU are worth recovery and you are all such strong people that I absolutely believe in you all that you will be able to eat the foods from your fear food list! :)
 And always remember you are the manager of your thoughts!

Wish you all a nice evening and a lovely week xxx


  1. This is really good advice! Ive never heard anyone give such advice. Great job!

  2. Thank you so muuuuch Olivia! Means so much to me getting such a compliment! :) Feels great!
    xxx Ange