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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thieves steal Nutella :)

Hahaaa have a look at that article I lately found in our newspaper ;)
Just had to laugh so badly, because I know for you it may be hard to believe but I sweeeeeear I am not a member of this Nutella-Gang :( Hahaa actually really a pity... I would love to steal 4700 glasses of Nutella, too :)
Buuuut luckily for us all is, that the police caught the thieves now and gained the Nutella back! Puuuuh this is great :)
Wish you all a lovely week ;) I am now going to hand over to university to play Basketball ;) Hahaaa I am such a failure in it, buuuut we´ll see ;)
For all of you who don´t understand German: There is a gang, which stole 4700 glasses of Nutella from a trailer in Germany. They now got convicted for one and a half years :) Luckily we got our Nutella back!!!!


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