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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Olã meus queridos (hopefully thats right -> Hi my dears) :)

Hiiiiiiiiiiii to you aaaall :)
I am very very saaaaad to admit that my lovely week in Lisbon tomorrow is finally over.. :( 
I absolutely enjoyed the time here so much, met amazing people, learnt a lot about different lifestyles and finally gathered a new feeling of life! This makes me feel unbelievably happy ;) I mean on the one hand I absolutely felt scared at first trying so many new things, that are not common in Germany or especially for Miss Mager :) So I gave her a hit in her back, by tricking her with trying out completely different kinds of our common food ;) 
So after an extremely long time I tried exotic fruits and fruits in general after dinner again and even tried some typical local dips and a fish casserole with a lot of cream ;) On the one side this makes me more comfortable in seeing food in a more relaxed light, like I can now say I know that I am strong enough to try out everything. But of course on the other one it shows me that I still have an illness, against which I everyday have to fight against! 
But no matter what ever will happens, no matter how often I am/was down, I will never ever stop fighting for me freedom and MY life, because after such a holiday I can state with 100 % that the world/life definitively is worth to be explored and lived!
I´ve experienced so many things in this week in such an unbelievable beautiful city like Lisbon and the beaches around! We made a sailing turn on the river, went shopping (in I think about 3 shopping centers), went to the beach, made a cable car tour and simply had a lot of fun in sitting in tiny lovely pastelarias and cafés ;) I can absolutely recommend this city to all of you, I mean in some funny way it is like a mixture between San Francisco (because of the "Golden Gate Bridge" and the cable cars), Rio de Janeiro (because of the Jesus Christ statue") and in some historical way Rome. =) 
Simply loved the whole atmosphere and the weather (28°)! :D 
And most of all I made the experience what life is about and it definitively showed me that without nourishing my body with the right treats/fuel, such a trip would´t have been possible! So I have to eat the food that is necessary and important for me ;) Hope you had great week, too and never stop exploring what life is about ;)

Hahaa and of course for breakfast I tried my two Nutella toasts with locally toast bread =) absoluuuuuuuutely delicious ;) yaaam
Love you all xxx


  1. so if you`re german why writing in english? maybe you could do like her: and translating bc its so much easier to understand if you would write in german. hug

    1. Heiii ;) Es tut mir Leid, wenn ich auf Englisch schreibe, aber ich dachte damit erreiche ich einfach mehr Menschen und kann andere motivieren weiterzukämpfen ;) So können meinen Blog nämlich auch Menschen auf der ganzen Welt lesen und verstehen.. :)
      Aber wenn du irgendetwas nicht verstehst, gib mir einfach Bescheid und ich schreibe es dir sofort auf Deutsch, das wäre gar kein Problem, ich freue mich über jeden Kommentar=) Denn alles zusätzlich auf deutsch zu verfassen, ist momentan einfach zu zeitraubend und aufwendig für mich (Uni geht weiter,...)
      Hoffe das ist okay für dich ;) Liiiiiebe Grüße xxx

  2. Hi, my name is Rachel and I am currently recovering from anorexia. How were you able to overcome your fear foods? Things like chocolate bars and white bread still make me freak out. Thanks xx

  3. Hey Sweetie, hope you are doing well, I am very proud of you that you have made the decision to start your personal recovery! Believe me every little effort makes you feel better, so keep it going! And I think your question is very hard to answer, but I decided to write a whole post about it, because I think there are so many things that can help you, and I want to explain them to you more detailly. So be sure, I´ll post an update about how I started eating my fear foods later this afternoon :) I promise!! xxx