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Thursday, October 23, 2014

What I EAT :) :-*

Hey hoooooneys;)
How you are doing today? =)
Still feeling motivated enough to keep your recovery on? ;)
I absoluuuutely do =) (also thanks to you guys ;) you really mean all so much to me ;))

Toooooday I just thought about posting what I kinda eat everyday, not sure if you are interested, but I already gained a lot by eating this way :)
BUUUUUUUUT always remember, everyone is different and only because this is my plan, you do never have to eat like that too :) every body reacts different to these kind of foods, so you have to eat what is good for you ;)

2 wholegrain toasts with Nutellaaaaaaaaaaaa *_* (favourite meal of the day=)) with Juice and Coffee

2 Mars Bars or 1 Mars and a Lion, Twix, Duplo, American Cookie

Always different, but
-One part consists of Carbs (like Noodles, Rice, Couscous, Spätzle,...)
-Part 2 is something with a lot of Protein (like Chicken, Gyros, Cheese, Cream Cheese, Zaziki, Ham, Tuna or Egg)
-Some Veggies (like I love Tomatoes and Onions, or Champignons, Cucumber, ...)
and mostly any kind of a Sauce or Dressing

Usually I eat a Questbar (all sort of flavours, but my favourite one is Cookies & Cream, you should really try it *_*), a Power Bar or anything else Sweet and have Coffee with it

I noticed, that for myself a typical „German Brotzeit“ is the best thing I could eat in the evening, because since I eat these kind of breads and meals for dinner, I gained weight:
-A Pretzel, Roll, Bread with
-Butter, Cheese, Cream Cheese, Ham, Streichwurst, Sausage
-Tomatoes with homemade Dressing, Pickles, Onions,...

Cashew Nuts, Banana Chips, Tropical Haribo Gums, Katjes Gums, ...

Sooooooooooooooooo maybe now you have a better impression of what I eat everyday, what do you think  about it? :) or what favourits of foods do you have? =) Anything particularly special? ;) 
And always remember eating should be a pleasure for you and does NOT cause any pain, it will only nourish your body with everything important ;)

Soo keeep on eating, you are all soooo strong, keep it up, I believe in you :-*

AAAAAAAh and nearly forgot about it, buuut yesterday I had an amazing experience, I don´t know if you know him, but I went to the concert of David Garrett in Munich (he´s a star violist :) :) Wow, it was such a great atmosphere and  you can´t really imagine the incredible show he made :) 

Wish you all a lovely week :-*


  1. Hey hun :) thank you so much for posting this. It came at just the right time!! This week i went to the doctor and was told my weight is still too low, and that I still need to gain more :( which was pretty upsetting, but i know i cant give up... I just have to increase my food intake.. again. :( and I'm not allowed to exercise.. I'm finding it so, so hard :(
    anyway, I'm really glad you posted this ange, it has given me some ideas ;) and it sort of looks similar enough to my own meal plan! The only thing missing is all the hot chocolate I have ;) my favourite ;)
    do you eat dessert at all ange as a matter of interest? :)
    hope you have a lovely week too. xxxxx

  2. Hei Emmy ;) Ohh Sweetie, I completely understand you :( my weight is also still too low and I exactly have the same feelings as you about it :( it is so hard to notice that even you try so much, more is needed and you have so much willpower, but feel someway frustrated, because nobody notices.. :( because of course your weight is still low, but you are gaining so much experience in your head right? =) I sooo often feel that way ;) don´t give up Sweetie, you already achieved so much and you seem like a very tough girl, who motivates others so much, so keep it up, I am sure, you can do it =)
    Oooh that´s great if I could offer you some ideas ;) hahaaa your a hot chocoholic right? :D aahm you mean straight after dinner, no not really, because all of my snacks are so sweet and I don´t crave for something after a big lunch or dinner, sooo do you do? ;)
    or what does your dinner look like? :) Simply interested, wish you a greeeat weekend and be proud of yourself of what you are doing for yourself, you are worth it :)

    1. Hi hun :)
      awww thank you for your lovely words Ange <3
      Have you been told to not exercise Ange? I have been, and I am finding it so, so hard...I love to walk my dog and walk to college, and though i am not at all sporty (I'm AWFUL at sports.. :( ), I've never been a lazy person. But now I've been told to not walk and this has really been getting me down..are you in the same situation as me? Do you have any advice?
      Oh my goodness, I am very much a hot chocaholic Ange ;) nothing makes me happier than a lovely mug of steaming hot chocolate..and Oreos or something for dunking... Yummmmm :)
      Oh yes I never go without my banana and custard and chocolate after dinner Ange ;) and i warm the custard so the chocolate melts...i usually put on a whole chocolate bar. Galaxy ripple, mars bar, cadbury twirl...they all work very well ;)
      Hmm, dinner varies really Ange for us, we usually eat as a family, I love to cook and so does my mam so we take turns in cooking the meal ;) We have a pasta dish like lasagne or pesto pasta about twice a week, other days we have chicken or fish with potatoes and vegetables, sometimes a curry, chilli, cottage pie, fish cakes....the list is endless really ;) mam and dad love their steak, but i always have quorn or fish fingers when they have that, I don't like steak at all!
      I would really like to become a vegetarian someday, but first I know I need to gain that's another factor of motivation for me to eat well :)
      Aww have a lovely weekend too hun <3 thanks a million <3 xxxxxx

  3. Heiii Emmy :) No problem, I love to write about such things =)
    Hahaaa it is so funny, how similar you describe your situation to mine ;) because I never actually directly have been told not to exercise, but indirectly everyone tells you not to move so much or when you go to uni, you already walked too much and it often really gets on my nerves :( but it is so funny, I am also not a sportical person at all and get told the same things too :( Puuh as an advice I don´t really know what to tell you, maybe you simply try to do everything the way you always did and if you notice it harms you in gaining weight, slow down a little bit =) but I think you really are not the type of overexercising person ;)
    Hahaaa that sounds so funny, a hot chocoholic :D like it ;) Oh really? So you always eat something sweet after dinner? =) is this working out well for you? =) or how much do you eat for dinner? Aaaaaaw *_*sound alike a really delicious mixture between all your meals ;) like the irish way of cooking, especially cottage pie ;) so cool and the desserts ;) like bannoooffeeee pie OMG, do you know it? =) so do you eat a sandwich or something like that for lunch? Oh wow, what a cool intention, sounds great, so eeeeeeeat for it =)
    I am sure you can ;) Stay strong xxx

  4. oh yes Ange I never go without pudding ;) I have a terrible "sweet tooth", haha I always say that if putting on weight was just a matter of eating chocolate and things like that i would have gained much more by now!! :o But of course it's not quite as easy as that unfortunately :/ usually ange i would have sandwiches for lunch, or toasted ones, or rolls, things like that :) and i vary the fillings every day to make it interesting ;) though my favourite at the moment has to be a toasted submarine roll with cheese and tomato..yummm :) I never used to eat cheese when I was sick! But now I love it so much :) I actually don't like bannoffee Ange! Much as I love bananas I actually don't like banana-flavoured cakes and such like! :o xxxxxx

  5. Hei Emmy ;) Hahaaaa that sounds greaaaaaaaaat ;) I would also looooove to have it that way :) sounds like a perfect idea :)
    Yuuuuuuuummi, sounds delicious, because since I am able to eat bread again, I love these kind of sandwiches, too :) oh yeees that is a great way of never letting food become boring an always making it worth eating it, because you absolutely crave for it ;) Aaaaaaaw in relation to cheese, it is absolutely the same with me :) that ma sound funny, but I as well as you was not able to eat cheese in slices or in any other form, just because I don´t know why it made my shudder :) even though before my ED I loved it and now I am also able to eat it, too ;) Oh really, you don´t like it? =) No prooooblem, but it is so amaaaaazing what a huge variety of different cakes, cookies and desserts the supermarkets in Ireland and GB offer ;) I always feel like in a sweeeeeeeet heaven when I am there ;) so what is your favorite cake? ;)Hope you are doing well Honey ;)

    1. hey hun:) no, it's very strange that I don't like banooffee I know Ange, as I absolutely love bananas!! favourite cake..hmm that's very hard. ;) I actually prefer biscuits, chocolate and ice cream to cake Ange. I just love dunking biscuits in hot choc ;) But I think, my favourite ever cake would have to be biscuit cake ;) have you ever had that one? It's so yummy ;) aww I hope you are having a lovely week too hun <3 love your blog <3 xxxx

    2. Hahaaa that´s hard to believe, but I also relate with you in this direction, a banana does not always taste the same way I think, because sometimes it really has an overpowering taste =)
      Aaaaaaw *_* I absolutely love biscuits, too :) suuuch tasty things :)aaaaaand especially american cookies =)absolutely deliciiiiiious ;) Thaaaaank you so much, you are just too cute ;) enjoy your day