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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Creaaaaaaamy Wednesday :D

Hope you all have a wonderful evening my dears :-*
So today I absolutely have to say was my "cream day" :D Hahaa, this only means today I for the first time felt myself craving for ice cream and a really really creamy spread and dip for dinner :) 
So in the afternoon I spontaneously decided to eat an oreo ice cream waffle and I can absolutely tell you it was so deliiiiiiiiiiicious *_* really could´t believe all the creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam :) don´t actually know another word for it hahaa :) But yeeees you are right, I can´t actually cross it from my fear food list, because it wasn´t neat cream :( buuut soon :) I promise :)
Sooo what else did I do today? First of all I went shopping to Augsburg with my mum, my sis and my aunt from Ireland :) we had a very very successful morning (I bought myself a new winter jacket :_ yeeeeeeah) and afterwards we had lunch, at maybe in some countries you also will know it: Vapiano =) it is simply an italian restaurant where you could watch the cooks prepare your ordered meal :) I ate penne with some ratatouille sauce and a salad :) absolutely niiiice =) 
Oooooh and afterwards I went to a piercing studio and goooot my first piercing in my nose :) it is not a big one, just a small pink stone :) buuut I love it, and I felt so crazy and fidgety afterwards :) must have looked really really funny :D The next days I am going to post a pic of it =) I simply am a bit tired now today... =) creamy, creamy day :D 
Hope you are all well and I would be sooo glad if you would have some topic suggestions for me, because I hope reading my blog doesn´t get boring in any way for you :) because I want you to stay motivated and never give up :) SOOOOO if you have any questions, ask them to me, no matter how stupid and random they are, I love replying to them and have some fun, too:) 
So enjoy yourself and eaaaaaat on! :) especially a loot of Nutella (because it can save lives!)
xxx :-*


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