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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Simply try out new things ;)

Heeeeeey my loveliiiiiiiiies *_*
How are you doing? ;) I hope you are still motivated to go for recovery :) I DOO :D
Sorry for not posting anything so special the last few days, but I was a little bit stressed with doing all different kinds of stuff like preparing my university stuff, and getting used to my new timetable :) had some visits at doctors, therapy and still trying to keep up eating and cut out old behaviours ;) like dabbing away the spread of my bread or putting sugar in my coffee instead of sweetener :)
Soooo on Friday, coming home from a long day at University, I wanted to prove myself again by having the intention of eating  somethiiiiing from my (f****-) Fear Food List!!! And as a result of that I decided to force (sounds really dramatically, doesn´t it? =) haaha) the sweet products from the bakery :D So I tried a typical german „Amerikaner“, which is a soft sponge cake, like shortbread, iced with vanilla fondant :) Omg*-* it tasted so amazing ;) at first I felt a real struggle with my ED coming up, but then I nearly managed to eat all the pieces :) and felt something like pride coming up (sounds strange but it really was that way) Hahaaa kick in your ass, Miss Mager! :)

And to go on with my week, yesterday I was on a Party and I honestly felt (which I didn´t actually could for such a horrible long time) just like a „normal“ 19 year old girl, that loves to dress up and has the power to go on a party, drink alcohol without getting drunk after a few shots and simply enjoy a funny evening with a lot of different people/friends :) This absolutely felt sooo good and now I am convinced again that THIS recovery is so much worth it ;)
I won´t stop at any part of the hill, that lies in front of me, NOOOO I am going to reach the top! And you my amazing readers will do that too :) Believe in it and remember that =) It may not always be easy, but it will get better! 

I always imagine this like in a picture =) sounds a bit crazy, but I do keep on this pic in my head...and this is something I would recommend you to do as well, because it actually really helps me a lot:

My dad for example loves to drive enduro, which is sort of motocross, and he always tells me:

If you want to climb/drive up a mountain/hill or something like that, never reduce the power of the engine or your speed. You have to give full speed to reach the top of the mountain, no matter how high it may seem, because otherwise, if you remove the speed or the power of the bike, it won´t pull you up the hill and you will fail... :( And THAT is exactly what you don´t want to :)

Hope you guys never stop at any part of the hill, and I wish you all a great next week :-*


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