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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cooooooountdown for Christmas

Heiiii Sweeties :-*
Hope you all had a lovely 1st of December and enjoy a restful time until christmas 

I always was of this one and only opinion, but since last year I am not quite sure of what and how to feel about it...
I mean I love all of these cozy and comfortable pictures you see everywhere around and in the internet ;) I also enjoy it so much walking around on christmas markets, baking cookies, smell the fragrance of all the scented candles and take a look at the cutely decorated and lightened up villages in our neighborhood *_* always gives me a feeling of safety and warmth <3
But last year at that time I remember so well the beginning of counting calories and the restriction getting worse... :( I already had started to cut myself down in my eating habits and I unbelievably not even ate 1 (!!!!!!!!!!!) cookie, biscuit or ginger bread :( this is so sad I think..... 
And I always felt cold and couldn´t enjoy so many things anymore :( I don´t actually quiet know why I remember it as such a dark time, but in my opinion this restricting and creating of stupid eating rules was one of the most influential reasons of it... :( 
I absolutely hate what Miss Mager done to me in the last year ... 

But today I am trying not to be negative (it is the 1st december and the christmas countdown can begin!) Hahaaa and I can tell you I loooove my advent calendar, because it offered me such a nice perfume today ;) really sweeeeeeeet =)
Aaaaaaw and today after spending a not very stressing time at uni, I and my mummy baked "VANILLEKIPFERL" I am not sure, if you know them, but they are typical german cookies baked for christmas ;) soooooo yummy (one of my pre-ed favorites):-* 
And this winter I SWEAR I am going to try and eat them!!!! 

So now I am spending a relaxed evening with my family in front of the TV munching on Haribo Fruity Cocktail in our cozy christmassy decorated living room ;) 

Hope you have a lovely week and keep on beating your ED!!!! Recovery will be worth it =)

Aaaaaah nearly forgot: I´ve got an impoooooortant question to you:
Do you know any great recipes for christmas cookies with NUTELLA???????? :) I would be so cuuuurious about knowing some and trying them out immediately :D So pleeeease tell me if you know one, I would die for it !!!!!!!!! *_*


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