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Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *********
Sweeeeeties, it is only now one day to gooooooo till Christmas Eve OMG!!!!!!!!!*_* 
I am so excited, but anyway my christmas mood isn´t that strong as I expected it to be honestly ;) but now I listen to more and more christmassy songs and light up candles which smell like cookies, gingerbread and cinnamon of course :) 

So today I thought about writing a post about how my family celebrates christmas eve and the other festivities in the following days :) I don´t know if we do it in this typical german way, but it is simply the way I love it and it is so traditional for me :) 

In Germany the people in general believe in "das Christkind", which for most of people is imagined as a golden-haired angel I think :) So we don´t actually have a Santa Clause, but it gets more common these days, too to believe in the "Weihnachtsmann" ;) Buuuut our Christkind delivers the presents on Christmas Evening and we also open it then ;) so we don´t wait till the next morning, we oooooooooooopen it immediately!!!! :) Hahaaaaaa all the presents are placed under the christmas tree and it is such a beautiful atmosphere *_* I loooove this part so much ;) 

But let´s begin at the start of our family christmas celebrations:
Since I can remember we start our day quite normal and everyone is preparing and wrapping up the last presents for the eeeeeeevening :) then in the afternoon, when it gets more and more dusky we switch on some warm lights and have some Plätzla together ;) Okay last year I wash´t able to enjoy the cookies or any sweet treats, buuut this year will beeee different! I will fight for it, for my old life!!!!!! 
Aaaaaaaw and then afterwards in the last years we (all 4 together :-*) drove to "Oma and Opa" (granny and granddad) and unwrapped the presents and gifts we got from them there, while sitting in their comfy living room in a heart-warming <3 atmosphere all together ;) but this year this part will be different I fear, because in april my granddad died and so my granny will be at our house for celebrating christmas ;) 
Sooo afterwards we go home again and shaaaare dinner ;) Last year we had "raclette" (which was deliiiiicious *_*) and this year we will have "Wiener Schnitzel" with "Kartoffelsalat" (pork with potato salad) I am really looking forward to this, because it still is one of my feared foods, but on christmas eve I will aaaaabsolutely be able to eat it ;) I promise! JUST SHUT UP MISS MAGER! ;) 
I think this meal is also very common in general in Germany to be eaten for christmas dinner ;) Alsooooo I think many people in our region enjoy to have "Schweinsbratwürstel mit Sauerkraut" (pork sausages with pickled cabbage:-)) Omg, it is so hard to translaaaaate all those yummiiii things in English =) hopefully you understand it, I am doing my best ;) 
Also many Germans use to have duck or goose with red cabbage or dumplings :) 
Buuut back to Christmas Eve!!!

This is our tree ;) Me and my sis decorated it 2 days ago :)
It geeeeets time for the presents *-*this always has been such a special and unique moment for me and my sister ;) we waited in the kitchen with our eyes closed until our parents called us to come into the living room where our beautiful (fully decorated christmas tree :)) and the manger glance in an amaaaaazing light =) I absolutely love this atmosphere :D then it´s time to unwrap the presents and as me and my sis often have similar ones, we always open them together and enjoy each one ;) This is the best part of the evening for me :) 
Aaaafterwards, when all presents are given, we make our way to our grandma and my uncle and his family ;) where we again share presents with their kids ;) Sometimes also in the last years (but it got really rare) we went to the holy mass at night =) and so we do this year again too :) After arriving back home again, we use to listen to some traditional classic christmas songs and sit in the living room together ;)

On Christmas Morning on the 25th we use to have breakfast together which mostly is an egg with toast, butter and jam :) and for lunch we also share something tradition ;) let´s see what is there to cooome :)
Soooo hopefully my lovelies you already have wrapped in all of your presents and get ready for the best day of the ear (hopefully it will be :)) but be optimistic :) I am a bit late and stressed with my presents, buuuut I today will be able to organize some stuff, too :) So let´s get this day started :) (of course with toast and NUTELLA:)) 
Wish you all a wonderful 23th of december -> Enjoy your christmas time :) 


  1. oh hun!! Your tree looks AMAZING :D this was such an interesting post!! I hope you have an amazing time hun and that you enjoy all this lovely food :* Happy Christmas dear Ange :* I hope you have one that is as special as you are hun <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Ooooooh thaaaank you so much Emmy! ;) *_* <3 you are such a special person to me!!! Your comment means so much to me :) I HAVE TO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP, SUPPORT AND MOST OF ALL LOVELY WORDS :-*
      I aaaaas well wish you a wooooonderful christmas time with all your loved ones and I also hooope you will be able to enjoy it in its fullest way :-*
      Lots of loooove to Ireland

  2. Dear Angee,
    ah what a lovely Post again ... you are such a gifted writer .... :) and I think you give some people a reason to get better .... :). Lots of hugs and kisses to you all, miss you all, but sure especially Opa ,,,, from your auntie in Ireland xxxx

    1. Aaaaaaaw :-* thaaaaaanks soo unbelievably much Tina! ;) I am sooo pleased you nooow commented on my blog :)and your words really make me sooo happy :) I absoluteeely hope i will be able to help and support some of my lovely readers and I am glad you enjoy reaading it :)
      Loooots of looove baaack to Ireland agaaaaaaain :) and we all miss you all, too ;)