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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This weeks challenge :) I am a bit late but it is never to late to be positive :)

Guuuuten Morgen meine Süßen :) <3
Yesterday I was as usually just checking my mails, Facebook, a few pages, etc,....
And alsoooo as every morning I go on Izzy´s blog to see what she does and what advice she gives me for the day to keep me/all of us motivated :)
And I read about her week challenge and spontaneously decided to join in ;) love the idea of everybody thinking positive about him-/herself :)
Soooooo from today on the whole week I also try to fulfill her challenge :) maybe you also want to join in and simply share a comment according to your personal experience and your own positives!!! :) You are all worth so much *_* and so be able to find so many positive things about yourself and your future! Simply join in, I would be so happy ;) Like Izzy writes: "It´s going to be good thoughts and positivity all week!"

Here is the link for the challenge:

So because I missed yesterday I simply start with Day 2:

1. Helping others and listening to  :) I mean I would never say that I am the first person who jumps up if a situation is about helping, but if someone asks for it or I feel there is help or an open ear needed I absoluuuutely immediately am there for this person/friend/family/stranger

2. Starting a conversation or having smalltalk with others :) I simply looooove talking and so I want others too ;) It is so much fun and I hate these uncomfortable breaks in conversations =) so I am always sort of babbling and chattering :D

3. Cooking and baking :) I really enjoy doing both, it always helps me to calm down a little bit and it gets me in a good mood most of the time ;) (especially now, when I am allowed again to eat the goods afterwards :))

4. Driving my car =) Hihiiii, this is something I 100% got from my dad :D And I don´t actually know why, but I looooove it so much to just drive around;) no matter where (to uni, appointments, friends,...) I simply love to sit in my Mini (i have a beige one with red stripes on it :) it is my baby :)) and step on the gas :)

5. Hahaaa I know this doesn´t really fit in the positive things I am good at, but I am very very good at arriving too late and not in time =) I am always joking about myself if I again missed the train or get out of the house ;) But so I am also good at not taking things so seriously and also not take myself for too firmly :)

Soooo I think this is quiet enough for today ;) Oooooh and good news: weight in went well: I gaaaaained:) seeing my scale for such a long time not and not cheating on my parents and myself , made me feel so nervous about it, but now I am soooooo unbelievably happy (you can´t believe it)  :)
Thank you to all of you who read my blog, it always makes me smile ;) and keeps me holding on to my recovery :) because I know again see: Life is so much worth living, and I only can have it, if I am strong enough! And for getting strong again, I have to EAT! :) Soo let´s have Lunch now :) Today I am having I think Schupfnudeln mit Sauerkraut :) Guuuuuuten Appetit :D
PS: A special thank you to my Mum and my Dad, who daily show me that recovery is possible and help me so much (even if I slip :)) I  don´t know what I would do without you! :-*


  1. These are all great :) Seeing the positives in yourself and the things you are good at :)
    And that is great about gaining weight!! :) You should be happy and super proud of yourself because that is great :) So well done!!

  2. Thaaaaank you so much Izzy! ;) You are such an aaaaamazing inspiration to me :) so stunning what you already reached and how positive you are! :) makes me so happy getting some feedback of you :) because this weekly challenge is such a great idea and I looove to take part in it :) xxx