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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fröhliche Weihnachten üüüüberall... :) Christmas Eve!!!

Hahaaa I really hope everyone knows his language :D









I am sending all of you Lovelies and Sweeties from all over the world some wonderful christmas wishes!!! :-*

I hope soooooooo endlessly much you can enjoy yourself in this special time of the year and celebrate this festivity with all your senses! :) I hope you all receeeeeive lots and lots of presents (hahaa :D) and spend time with your loved ones :)
I am now making myself ready for this special evening *lookingveryexcited* and I wish you all the best! 


  1. Merry Christmas,wish you all the best from Croatia :)

    1. Aaaaaaw *_* thaaaank you so much ;I I as well wish you a wonderful, lovely christmas time! Enjoy it as much as you caan :-* Wooow, and you are from Croatia? This is sooo cool, I love the thought of somebody from this country, like yourself, reading my blog :) I have been there once and it was so sunny and lovable ;) xxx

    2. Thank you :) I was born in Hamburg but i moved in Croatia(when i was 2 years old)
      And yes,Croatia is beautiful country :D like Germany too

      And yesterday,while i was eating limited edition of nutella (penguin on the jar) i remembered how much you love nutella :D

    3. Oooh that sounds very very amazing;) so do you actually speak German then if you don't mind me asking;) but I am always gettin so curious about all those things:)
      oooh yes they are both beautiful and I would looove to go back to croatia one more time!!!:)
      OMG😍😍this sounds sooo cute do you know that?;) hahaa made me smile so much, thats loveeeely thank you:) I wish you a great Sunday Sweetie;) xxx

    4. I learn German in school and i know some basics,but i hope that one day i will speak it fluently :)
      In which city have you been?

      And i must say that your blog is amazing ;) ;)

    5. Ooooh that sounds really cool :) so should I test your knowledge? hahaaaa :D Ich wünsche dir ein sehr gutes neues Jahr und ich hoffe dir geht es gut :)
      Can you translaaaaate? ;)
      I actually have been only to Istrien, is that right? wow, but it was sooo beautiful there ;) if you don´t mind me asking, but do you live in the north or the soutH?
      Aaaaaaaw *_* thank you so much, I am very very glaaad you like it :)

    6. ooh it is so easy :D on english: I wish you a very happy New Year and i hope you are well ( i think it is correct?)
      yeah Istria is beautiful,but also the coldest part on the sea :))
      I live in Zagreb,capital city of Croatia ;) ;)

    7. Booooah *_* wow, you are really doing well ;) hahaaa and it was easy for you :D this is great to see :) Oh reaaaaaally? The coldest part? ;) Wow, Zagreb sounds very very cool and do you live in town there? =) because imagining life in such a big city can be so amazing I think ;) hard for me to imagine, but it would be sooo cool, especially in a warm and sunny country ;) lovely :-*
      Hooope you enjooooy your evening and have a good time :)
      Darf ich fragen wie alt du bist? Bin ein bisschen neugierig, ich weiß ;) tut mir leid ;)
      You understand? =) hihiiiiiiiii

    8. yes,i live in town :) it is hugeee :D
      Ich bin 18 Jahre alt ;) keine Sorge, alles ist in Ordnung hihi
      I was looking for your e-mail adress but i could not find it?

    9. Oh wooow *_* this sounds amazing ;) would love to visit it one daaay too ;) I will call you up if I am there, alright? =)
      Na das freut mich ;) Oh cool, danke dir :)
      Aaaaah of course my email adreesss ;) I am as well posting something about it very soon, because I created a special one just for youuu all ;) because I am so happy about every single one of you who wants to get in contact with me and send me an email ;)
      So here it is:
      Sooo feel free to send me an email, I would loooove to hear from you personally :)
      Bis bald xxx

  2. Thanks Ange :) all the best your your big day and have a lovely one too!! Good luck and merry Christmas to you!!
    Lots of love
    Livvy :) xoxo

    1. Hihiii thaaank you Livvy!!! ;) means soooooo much to me ;) :-* you are just such a lovely one ;)
      I also wish you a merry merry christmas and enjoy these special days as much as you can :)
      Lots of loooove xxx

  3. Merry veeeery late Christmas, Ange!!! I found the Russian Christmas wishes on the red post, haha! ;) Sending my best wishes from the US :)