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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bringing myself in christmas mood ;) *_*





Yeeeeeeeeesterday (I actually wanted to post this one yesterday, but I didn´t managed to get it complete ;) I simply wanted to write a little bit and so I just start with twoooooo pics, I made the other day ;)  I haaaate the weather at the moment, it is always sort of foggy and cloudy, so I always feel like it is late again and this is annoying, right? :)
On the pics youu see my little advent calendar, which includes a new cuuute pic everyday :) hihiiii somewhere inside me I am still such a child ;) Aaand in the background you can see our "Adventskranz" (christmas wreath?=)) and my shopping bag haha =)
I think I haven´t opened all of the doors in the pic uuuuups :(

And here is another pic of an advent calendar :)It is sad to say, but it was mine last year and I have to admit, that I didn´t even ate one thing of all the sweets and goodies in it :( I really feel such a shame by thinking about it NOW.... Last year it appeared quite normal to me.. Awful isn´t it...

Soooo where on my trip around the
world should I stop by to visit you?*_*
Soooooo what did I do these days? First of all I was so happy about all the lovely comments of all of you, who left some on my blog *_* I would loooooove to visit all of you when I am doing my travel around the world ;) you simply would have to tell me where I have to make a stop by and then I will be able to plan my route ;) will be soooo much fun ;)

Then I was a little bit productive in doing some uni stuff and packing presents and writing some christmas cards ;)

According to my eating I have to tell you, that I am still doing hard :( in increasing my meal plan, but in some way, I am trying to give my best :) Sooo in the last days I tried out my first christmas cookies, we baked ourselves ;) Some "Vanillekipferl" and we also made some "Spitzbuaba" :) 
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut my Sweeties, never stop believing in yourself, because every day is a second chance! And there always is sooo much hope! Only thinking back of how different my thoughts were in the last few month and the way I am now having my meals and my snacks, I can feel so good and get strength from it ;) Because making mistakes is only human and your body may also not always work in it´s used and correct way each day, but afterwards you have to get back on the right track, believe me, you will be doing so much easier, when you learn how to cooperate with your new challenges! :) What I wanted to say with this is: I now notice in my head, that eating gets easier again and more normal, and by reflecting this, I achieve so much hope and have the will and the power again to let the changes in! :) 
Keep it up my lovelies, and always remember you are not alone in your battle, there always is someone who believes in you (this can be your family, friends, me,....)=) 

Puuuuh now I babbled so much again, but I hope it will help you just a little bit probably ;) 
Love u all so much, have a nice evening and a good start in the upcoming new week ;)


  1. Those advent calendars are so cute ;) Its so heart-warming to hear that you're not giving up, it makes me so happy!! And motivating others is so great of you :) And yes, it gets easier with each step, no matter how teensy that step is its better than no step at all! Each day you are healing that bit more :) Keep going and i hope you enjoy the holidays as much as possible!!

    1. Awww *_* thaaaanks so much Olivia ;) you are such a Sweetie :) you are so right I think, each little step matters in its own way :) It may be a long process of healing in its whole form, but each day we are getting closer to our goal :) Thaaaank you again and I wish you a wonderful christmas time, too =) relaaaaaax and enjoy your free time :) MERRY CHRISTMAS/Fröhliche Weihnachten to beautiful California