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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sundaaaays ;)

Helloooooo my Loveliiiies ;)
How are you doing? =) Hopefully you are all well and bravely (hahaaa:D) eat your daily glass of Nutella :) I honestly am doing it, because there really is no day without my Nutella:
So for example tooooday I ate some "Amerikaner" made by my granny for breakfast (normally I don´t change my breakfast, as you remember: 2 toasts with Nutella*_*)but in the last weeks, I also tried one with cheese or jam :) crazy, but it helps me dealing with the wrong thoughts! So I ate my Amerikaner (which absolutely tasted delicious) and so me and my mum spontaneously decided as a morning snack I could have some banana (which I haven´t got for aaaaaages now :() with Nutellaaaa :) Omg, at first I was very skeptical, because I think you could imagine the way it looked, like Banana Split :D buuuut I decided to stoop this stupid calorie counting, so why not try out different combinations like Banana and Nutella :) Wooooow
I also decided to take the Banana instead of something chocolatey, because I now also try to focus a little bit on healthy things as well ;) I mean I won´t change anything at eating choc and sweeeeeets as often as possible, but now and then something healthy is important ;) also for my health and getting stronger hair and nails, ..... again :) hopefully this works!!! :) 

Oh okay now I actually forgot about my actual intention: the weekly challenge and this fact, that I am so sad, that Izzy stops writing her blog for a while :( She really was such an amaaaaazing inspiration for me now in my worst episode, she really cheered me up every fucking day I wanted to give in! ;) So reading yesterday, that she will stop her blog for a while made me very sad and suddenly I realized how much I need you all ;) I at the very first moment felt alone in someway, because her blog really was something I read everyday and which cheered me up!
AAAAAAAAAAAH and now it is good news! I started writing my post here this morning and could´t finish it until now, and nooooow I am reading on Izzy´s blog that she still will keep her blog updated and bloggs on! ;) This really made my day! ;) So haaaappy guys! ;) 

Findus as the "Lichterbraut" singing St. Lucia on 13. December 
Omg :S now I already have such a long post abouuut actually a wide variety of random things :( soooo I keep this randomness up and tell yooou :D:
Yesterday I actually intended to write about the St. Lucia festivities, which are celebrated mostly in Sweden and I (don´t know why?) looove it ;) But to be honest, I think I nevertheless know why: When I was little, I looooooooooved playing and reading the stories of "Petersson and Findus" (especially in christmas time, because we had a advent calendar for our pc:)) I still think they are sooooo cute and every year at St. Lucia I remember the little cat Findus singing and dressing up as the light queen ;) This was I think the way I annually remember of this one ;) 
Do you guys know Petersson and Findus? ;) And what sort of advent calendars do you actually have? I have one with perfume and different beauty products :) looove it ;)

Soooo all in all I think this post is really a mixture of all the different thoughts I have at the moment and I hope it doesn´t bore you or something ;)
The weekly challenge I will as soon as possible catch up again!!!! I promise ;)
Wish you all a lovely evening ;) enjoy christmas time!!! xxx


  1. Hello!! I hope you are well!! No I have never heard of petersson and findus! I don't know what I am missing out on but it sounds very cute :) our advent colander is a big fabric Christmas tree with pockets on it that my gran made before I was born, we fill it up with choclate santas and my brother and I have one each morning after breakfast!! Yours sounds oh so nice too!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Lots of love Livvy :) xoxo

  2. Heeeey Livvy, sooooo nice to hear from youuuu again *_* really makes me happy! ;)
    Hahaaa you don´t actually miss very much, it just was something special for me as a child and yesterday I remembered of it again :) buut so sweet of mentioning it of you ;)
    Wooow, your advent calendar really sounds niiiice, sounds like a christmas tradition for you, right? =) I would like to have one like that too, there would be soo many different surprises each day ;) really nice idea ;) Do you like christmas as much as I do actually? =) and something I would be very interested in is the fact, of how you celebrate christmas in New Zealand? I mean, is it hot there? ;)
    Lots of looove xxx hope you have a nice week ;)

  3. Hello again, yes our advent calendar is a tradition in my family and yes it is summer at the moment in nz!! Soo nice!! And it will be for christmas as well, I have never had a white christmas before as well snowing in summer would be very weird.. Although it has snowed in the middle of spring before :) and I have written a post on christmas in nz so you could read that, I know you haven't been able to find my blog and everytime I try to comment the link it won't let me and crashes so would it be possible to email you the link instead?? If you don't mind me knowing your email of course :) otherwise I can explain all about nz Xmas here :) it is soo interesting finding out about everyone's and different counrties Christmases! I love it!!
    Anyway I hope you are well and have a very merry Christmas
    Lots of love Livvy xoxox

    1. Aaaaaaw*_* this absoluuutely sounds so nice buuut somehooow crazy for me ;) I would love to celebraaaaate christmas all year round and so it would be soooo interesting imaging it in summer ;)
      Hahaaaaaaa :-* Livvy, I am so happy: I finally managed to get on your blog! It at last woooorked on my laptop yeeeeeeeeeey :) You have such a nice style of writing and I love you doing the weekly challenge ;) Something I really love about reading blogs like yours is, that I really get to know you as a person better ;) because something I really had to laugh about is, that I never imagined yourself as a blonde, long haired girl ;) Hahaa don´t know why, but I love to get to know more about you all and especially I loved your post about christmas in NZ, because I am such a fan of getting to know more about all the different cultures and traditions ;) I also had to grin at the post of your good memories and the trip you did with friends ;) such positive reminders can help so much during recovery, right? ;) I also love to remember back the good times and tell myself then, that they can come back, if you choose to be normal and yourself again ;)
      Soooo about christmas in NZ I found it so nice to get it explained in your way on your blog and I am zoo glad I am now able to open up the page ;)
      It is so special to hear of how you guys put up your sockings and the cookies and all those traditions ;) They really make me smile, because I think they are just so cute ;) I will also upload a post, too of how my family celebrates Christmas Eve;) So have you prepared all your presents yet? =)
      xxx Have a great day

  4. Aww thank that comment means the world to me!! Thank you :) :)
    So what did you imagine me as I wonder ?? Hahaha :)
    Yes I do love it how old memories help boost that recovery spirit!! And I am glad you liked my Christmas post too!! ;) yours is equally if not better than mine ;) I am sure it will be :)

  5. Ahh it cut the end off so I will continue here :) I am glad the traditions and memorys made you smile!! And I have got most of my shopping for presents done well for my parents and brothers anyway, I am still needing to get some for my grandparents and I am not sure what to get them hmmm, I am think about a baking mix in a jar, there are some really cute little DIY projects like that I would love to give a go, but otherwise I am pretty much done! What about you??
    Merry Christmas and lots of love Livvy
    Oh and I can't wait to hear about how you and your family celebrate christmas eve and the day :)

    1. Ooooh you are so cute :-* thaaaaaank you, too so much :)
      Hahaaaa like how? =) Puuuh I actually don´t quite know, but more like a black haired one ;) because thinking about NZ black hair appears in my mind first, don´know why ;) hiihii :)
      Ohh nooo for sure not, I really enjoyed looking at all the pics, you linked, too ;) Yeeeah all those things sound so different from our lifestyle here and it is such a cool thing for me to chat with somebody like you from the other end of the world :) amaaaazing, right? =) and I think it is so great of you sharing those traditions and your habits/life with me and my blog :)
      Ooooh very well done then Livvy! I still have to wrap some presents for my family ;) Hopefully I will make it tomorrow :) but I would also love to do some projects like you describe it, too ;) I love such creative things and I think it often (not always :D) is more sweet to receive such a handmade one ;) a baking mix is so lovely!!!! great idea ;)
      Aaaaw *_* what a sweet comment, thank you <3
      I wish you merry merry christmas too Sweetie, enjoy this special time of the year! ;)