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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chaaaaallenge :)

Hellooohellooohellooooo ;)
Looovely morning honeeeeys *_* went to the hairdresser this morning and let myself be pampered a little bit :) I always love the atmosphere there ;) afterwards I went to the office of my mum to have my morning snack with her :) a kitkat and a mars :) two absoluuuutely delicious things =) 
Soo but what actually matters in this post is
Day 3 of the Weekly Challenge:) 5 things you want to get better at

I want it now soooo much that this dark episode of my life (I mean the episode of being so thin that everyone notices and feels sorry for me) ends as soon as possible. But I have to accept, that the progress only goes on slowly and I have to get more patience for it :) 

2. Decide faster and be more spontaneous
I am so baaaad at making any decisions :) reaaaally :( So I already have got problems to decide what I want to eat for example as a snack or which spread on my bread I want to take ;) So this is something I really want to change :)

3. Be on time
Hahaaa as in my latest post I wrote I am good at arriving late and not in time, I really have to take it more seriously to try to arrive at appointments or lessons in time :) otherwise I probably will have to take the negative consequences :)

4. Loving myself
I am such a bad person if it is about loving oneself ;) I am this kind of person who would do everything for somebody else, but often forgets about her personal opinion then...Because if I would have been able to respect myself more in the last year(s), I probably haven´t constructed this Miss Mager :(  I have to learn to value myself more I think.... Being a little bit more egoistic

5. Listening to my body and forgetting about Miss Mager
This thing is related to my ED! It is the most important thing I want to get better at, because it influences my whole life and my lifestyle... If I still would keep up to listening to this illness in the way I did it for example in June, July or August, I now wouldn´ t be where I am now! I probably would´t be alive anymore, sit in a clinic or could´t go to university..... So progress is possible and this is what I have to be better at still! I just never should give up =) 

Hope you all have a lovely day!!!! 
GOOOOOOOO NUTELLAAAAAAAAAA! xxx (hahaaa I am crazy :))


  1. I love how positive and cheerful you are!! Keep it up :) Im very bad at deciding on things like 'what I should do', 'where should I go'? etc. Ahah!
    (Don't worry Im as well ;) )

    1. Aaaaaw *_* Thanks sooo much for commenting Olivia;) makes me feel so understood ;) greaaaat feeling I can assure you :) Hahaaa thank you ;) and oh yeees I absoluteely hate decisions as well, and as you write, even at the simplest things :D
      Have a lovely evening :) xxx

  2. Hi Ange, I think we have something in common here haha. I have a problem to be on time and have to think many times to make a decision. Sometimes i ask people to make decision for me. And I hurt myself when something really bad intervened with my life. Like refused to eat that day (and even worse and it's so sick to write it). But like you, i will try to improve myself for the better and learn to love my body again! You look so happy in your writing and i enjoy reading it :) i am so happy for your recovering. You look far more healthy now i can see that. i hope everything is fine :) It's been awhile and I missed to chat with you Ange!

    1. Aaaaaaaaaw *_* I am so glaaaad to hear from you again H ;) Honestly!!!!!!!! ;) It really really made me very happy, when I read your comment and to know you back :)
      Hahaa so I am not the only one who is such a bad decision-maker? Puuuuuh :)
      Oh I am so sorry to hear that, but I absolutely know the way you are feeling according to this topic I think.. I also have to deal sometimes very hard in confessing or admiting what strange thoughts I actually got in my worst time :( But it is soooo good and such a brave progress, that you now admit to yourself that these were the wrong ones! ;) You can be very proud and I admire you so much for thaaat ;) Keep it up girl, I believe in you ;)
      Aaaaaaaaw *_* thank you so much for your lovely words ;) they really make me feel so great and push me!!!! I would have never thought of getting so much motivating and nice compliments and something like this means the world to me :-*
      Hope you are doing well Sweetie, tell me more of how you are dealing and winning :)