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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Uni Daaays ;)


Yeeeeeeeeey first day of actual snow... *_* The only sad thing about it is, that it did not stay... But let´s see what tomorrow brings! :)

Looooovely St. Nikolaus Day my Sweeties ;)

Puuuuuuh I am so sorry for my lack of posting the last days, but at the moment I am a bit busy at university... I mean I have got a WHOLE weekend of added courses.... So today I had a lesson called: "Philosophy with children" and if you are doing this the whole day you just feel tired in the evening... :( such a boring topic ;) (Who the hell is in university on weekend? NOBODY I noticed today-> but me hahaa :)) but I managed it and after getting home and having an original German "Wurstsalat" I am now watching TV with my mum ;)

Aaaand for me it is such a biiiiig recovery win, that I managed to eat my lunch (pasta made by Mama) in university with a friend ;) I felt like an absolutely kind of crazy freak (hahaa :D) because after having it I just felt something like proud coming up and I just sat there smiling :D this must have looked ridiculous, but I don´t care what others think of me, for me only counts at the moment that I gain weight and try out so many new scary things :)
If I only remember myself back in June or something I would never ever been able to eat something on my own and today I HONESTLY managed to do both snacks and lunch on my own without cheating or lying to myself... Because it absolutely was time again to realize that only I have to take the consequences if I do restrict! Awful thoughts, right? :( I can´t give up and days like this push me to keep moving forward and never stop again!!!! 
Thank you all so much for your amazing support my lovelies :-* you can´t believe how much everyone of YOU who reads and comments on my blog means to me!!!!!

So have a nice evening and sleeeeeep well <3

aaaaah and here just a pic of the Augsburger Christkindlesmarkt, I absolutely want to go there in the following days *_* looks so nice right? =)
maybe facing some fear food like "Schupfnudeln mit Kraut", "Bratwurst" or a "Germknödel maybe"? 


  1. hey hun :* awww hun I am SO proud of you!! You are right hun, you should be so happy with yourself for these little achievements. It's all little steps up one big mountain hun!! Every day you are getting stronger and stronger and everything you do right makes a difference. ;) I can absolutely relate to you hun heehee. Yesterday for example I tried guacemole for the first time ever and I also went through the day without gave me anxiety at first but a few hours later I felt delighted - I had managed to not listen to the voice. As you get stronger the voice gets weaker hun!! Happy Christmas dear :* xxxxxxxxx

    1. Emmyyyyyy :-* Thaaanks so much, you are so amazing <3 this is such a true saying and it really keeps me gooooing :) all those tiny steps lead to the top :) but often it can be so triggering and it isn´t always easy right? :( but we can do it, wooooooow just have a look what you diiiid!!!! Amazing!! Really ;) I am very proud of you, too :) this is what makes the difference, the voice hopefully gets more quiet and you can have a normal life again!! Really well done Sweetie ;)
      Have a wonderful time!!!!! xxxx

  2. aww hun im sorry, I wouldnt have written it if I knew you find it triggering sometimes hun :( sorry hun <3 you are very right hun, every day has its own challenges which have to be overcome :( but i know you can do it hun, we are both tougher than the voice thinks we are ;) I find it helpful sometimes hun to write down the obstacles you face every day, to charter your progress hun and identify the fears so you will always be able to defeat them when they come back another day! And when you look back at it hun you realise how far you have come ;) Awww you too hun <3 <3 <3 I would love hun if you did a post about how Christmas is traditionally celebrated in Germany? I find it fascinating how different cultures/countries celebrate it differently! Lots of love Ange hun <3 xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Oooooh no Emmy ;) you are so riiiiiiiiight =) I love your positivity! ;) It is so lovely of you to have such a strong believe in us and our fight against Miss Mager! ;) And whaaaat a wonderful idea of writing it down and looking back of how far you already came afterwards ;) this writing it down sometimes is for me my blog with all my lovely readers *_* it always sort of helps me to get my thoughts in the right order and not let the wrong thoughts rule ;) because only the thought of knowing that there are so many more people out there which struggle the way I do and motivate me so much by just being there for me, keeps me going so much ;) People like you Emmy!!! :-* So thank you so much!!!!!
      Oh of course, what a nice idea ;) I am not quite sure of how typical german my family celebrates christmas, but I will absolutely have a try ;) love writing such posts! ;) Enjoy your evening Emmy!!! xxx

    2. awwww <3 :* you are so lovely hun <3 but truly, you and your blog are amazing hun!! Yesterday I was just glancing over some of your earlier posts from September.And once again I found everything I read really touching, inspiring and incredibly positive! I know from what you tell me hun you are finding this battle very hard, just as I do. But despite that hun, your writing is essentially brimming with positivity, strength and determination. It is truly, truly unique hun. Don't you ever bring yourself down hun, you are amazing and I am really glad I have gotten to know you, you inspire me every day <3 I am definitely going to take the time to read your blog from the beginning hun, so I might leave a comment or two on an earlier post ;)

      Aww thank you huni :* you too Ange hun <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx